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From feeling near zero to Sheroe

Welcome to a zero to Sheroe post that  hi-lights Susan Lewis’s recorded results that the SFM Toronto ninety day challenge brought forward. Involved simple challenge guidelines. Firstly, in the following three areas itemize what  area of improvement. Th e three areas being “Personal, Business and Health”.  Challenges integrate through you life as the personal and business concepts change.

Challengers bring a new perception of self, therefore so being called a “Sheroe” meant checking out a new word. Sheroe translates to “Mothers, Sisters, Feminists, Mentors, Survivors, Professionals, Daughters.  A strange outcome that has risen with the conclusion of the SFM 2017 Toronto challenge.

The Toronto Challenge mindset barometer: zero to Sheroe

1) Talk about that zero to Sheroe feeling. Three years dodging paid advertising, even on the lower scales. Commitment made.  Dove in. Started advertising in small steps. Learning to read, record and analyse.  Change what needs to be changed. The challenge allowed supported, lead by example, organisation of the unseen.

Although there has been much passive advertising going on as this site underwent a major overhaul [still active] from 2017 January 1st, active advertising being encouraged. Would I , could I . Then one day I saw a graphic my mentors posted.  “Goals are dreams with a date set.” This challenge had a date set. So simply sitting down and the job was done. Ten days of advertising for likes.  Actually twelve as I somehow deleted the first advertisement within the first five minutes.

Woops. Unintended meltdown in freezer occurred.

20 Chellenge involved a deep freeze cleaned out.  Turned out this was a must do.  The electrical switch tripped and turned off the deep freeze. Two weeks later…. End result: containers hold food in two meal servings.Which is terrific as my “keep it tidy traits are in overtime, but wow cause all I do is cook extra. Freeze remainder.  Hey presto… instant low cost, I know where the meal came from, and what went into that meal.  Big boost. Took time. Went from zero to Sheroe with recognition of new methods in place that worked.

Now, when writing, filming or syndicating, all that happens is thaw, heat and eat. Carry on with what is important.

The boon is that once every two weeks or so I have a cook it up day. That satisfies my cook and survive drive of old.

3) Garden still a mess …. hey its winter … Have replanted some small sunflowers though. weeded mowed the lawn and cut and trimmed.  Masses more to do before November 1st.

Realized growth in business is a momentum must.

4) Rechallenge of what’s going forward with this website. The review and renew experience compounded into being bigger than at first thought it was going to be. Needed fresh altered perspective. New realisation was a connection with the site, materials, pictures, videos and even just the punctuation.  That all this was a living breathing part of the owner. Result: Now chosen to be a greater experience for self as there is to experience, share and totally enjoy. A beneficial experience targeted for readers.

In order to complete and achieve this aspect, another learning course was taken up. Implementation is a gradual process. To do this meant redirected diversion from the challenge.

Where usually the path was chosen and proceed through or meltdown occurred.  In this case gained momentum clarity.

Use painpoint commonality and change the world for someone zero to Shero

5) Changed focus and developing a language connection system for people who have had left hemisphere language comprehension /connection challenges.

6) Wow loving this. Even though Phoenix has a 30 day challenge happening now a choice was made to carry one with my Toronto challenge until Momentum Day on Perth 2017. Lift off and kick ass time will be then as at that point things here will have been sorted out. Both in personal life and the year of the Susan Lewis Marketing sites review will be completed. What to do in 2018 is still a mystery, but I do know there is the autoresponder to sort out, the scheduling, the writing, videoing, graphix, emailing replies. Opps. I think the job for 2018 has just been uncovered.

7) Aweber will get a bashing as of today, and this will carry on for the next few months getting updated a priority.

Roles in which share the zero to Sheroe dignity

8) I publically speak out now.  Know that public speaking ….well that is fun. Both in church, in the down under community group, and in the harrowing courtroom giving evidence. Seems to be my year to visit courtrooms to give evidence, or support my mother who currently is eighty-one and was being harassed and threatened as she stood her ground. Wonderful inspirational and clear headed thinking.

enjoy_using_the_videos-200x129 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum
Read more through here

9) Brought in to other peoples small business and community the online community groups training participation …. yes, to know what tools and etcs to guide them through to is a huge benefit. The past years of training, gaining skills, forty years plus of combined multi-level, door to door, over the counter sales, markets, festivals, fundraising for community organisations and now affiliate sales is handy to have the recall of.  Thus, tailor made support mechanisms, that trained people, along with knowledge to incorporate these best practices, use of tools, apps and ready made educational, upskilling, along with progressive community support. Must admit this is terrific and yes marketable.

The look of relief on each person’s face yesterday, as someone they could rely on, someone who had practical knowledge directly relating to them building their business was amazing. Someone they were prepared to trust.

10) Graphics were meant to be appearing on the Facebook page at a rate of three per week. The result was slow paced.  However as I work with these people and show them one step at a time quotes, sayings and thoughts will come through at a rate of their own.  More people equalling more graphics right. And the tools that are free to use are within what is one hand. Summary of the Graphic commitment:  Graphics will be done as required. Placed on the Facebook, Google and all over the net.  Also utilizing the autoresponder, scheduling and broadcasting.

micromanaging-is-200x128 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum11) Appreciate all the skills, knowledge focus and even the videos.

12) Concentration focus on the syndication system setups.  And definitely seek help with syndication processes

13) That focus I was told to develop re communication: thank you cause it helped. Immensely.

At times zero to Sheroe hurts.

Strip away pretence of who you thought you were into that person you actually need to be. Forget the zero to Sheroe what cut deeply was healing.

14) The most important thing was that by crying [ several times] the inner connections were fabulous……………

what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum

As a Survivor zero to Sheroe

15) Finding out that there was such a thing as left hemisphere brain damage.  Jill Bolte Taylor’s explanation of a place where I was stuck from a truck impact in 1991.  Yet I realised my oldest boy had the was able to read yet not comprehend things all through his life. At three weeks before his fourth birthday he too was in the Nissan Urvan and saw the truck plow through the passenger side of the van. The other boy was younger [ 18 months] and we all have the same things…plus recordings of  “experiencing high explosions.”

Partially a result of this challenge was to learn language.  How to write that a reader will need to read throughout to the end of the piece.  Laughingly none of which has been included here.

16) Most important is the fact that I am a person. Thankfully…….when you meet me ask should you really want to understand. Otherwise does the past really matter?

Actually to my target audience it does. A small and very select group of people.

zero to Sheroe recognition intrigues

SusanLewisandLogo-200x200 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum
Find out more about Susan Lewis herself : click the picture.

And for all this came the mention of being a “Sheroe.” A term that was never heard of by myself. Google the word. According Sheroe means ” a female hero”. A female that takes care of the family why the man is away at war was the second version seen.

The first was ” a woman who is reguarded as a Hero.

Shero means  to share your Life. Laugh at, and to Live that life to the maximum.

For some of you, this will seem too good to be true –

>> but as you watch the video series through here  <<

many find out how the a challenge can become a genuine reality. Will you be one Ywho realises, maybe for the very first time, that you don’t have to accept the status quo of working for an employer until retirement. If you have the drive for more freedom, you CAN design the life you love.

Joining in this community, bringing the one you are within with you, you too may be considered the next Zero to Sheroe.


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