Look! Like me, maybe in the early seventies, you wanted to desperately ignore the computer sitting there with it’s black screen and line green DOS characters glowing.  However here is your chance to help change the world. Use today’s available business techniques, mixed with a little old world wisdom and help retrain future generations.

Who has the ability to teach usages of the internet to current, or future generations? Just a creativitys-about-ownership-400x316 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?little ‘bite’ by little ‘bit’.

Now, what technology is, how far-reaching that ‘ever-changing world’ seems is reflected by it’s handlers. US. That is you and me.  Computers were developed  as a logically creative way of minimizing effort, resources and time.

An ecliptic technological convergence of programs, systems, and the end users constantly use feeding back into the transitional developmental cycle.

The result is that technology, its use, and abuse, is now widespread within everything that is developed, created, and used. For instance, humans may be in space.Man has walked on the moon. A probe is visiting Mars. One simple thing to come out of all this is that of

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?
You’re right. Action this soon.

freeze-dried ice cream!

Why Not learn or update your internet skills?

Has change passed generations by?

Think about how the older generations are now starting to have enough knowledge behind them. Thanks partially to their offsprings children being familiar with the computers, handsets, ipods and iPads, televisions and remote controls. The list goes on. Technology has crept into workplaces, so the workforce has had to accept it, learn how to use it or move out the way for the newer more influential


The ability to be proficient with a working environment also means to have further education and ever-changing employment attitude cycle.

Updating skills and knowledge challenges? Fill in some spaces with updated Training, Marketing, and Lead Generation methods. And so much more is thrown in as a bonus’s as well.

Having taken up the challenge myself… and survived to share with you what is within I will be waiting on the other side.  Where to start the education, knowledge while updating my skills.  At a price I could afford. Especially as I was always finding myself just under B.R.O.K.E. …. Being Redundant, therefore Oppressed, Killes Enthusiasm.  I needed something really positive, energy-filled and challenging in my life. Rather than to desperately ignore my plight and just watch the remaining time here go bye bye.


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Susan Lewis

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