Working With Autistic Adults – Working With Autistic Adults

Is “The Quiet Achievement!” To Many Categorized Unemployable.

Working with autistic adults in today’s western world where 90 percent of adults with autism are unemployed is “the quiet achievement!”  Unless these Autistic adults can hide the stims to go under the radar employers still run fast the other way.   As soon as the word Autism is brought up many categorized are now considered unemployable in normal wage terms.

On the other hand there are countless employment agencies specializing in finding autistic people ’employment’.  Group employment activities where the employed get paid a strippened of their real value.  This strippened is added to the disability allowance.In total an amount that is below normal living existence levels.

The autistic label has fast become a stock item with which to say we employ people who fit these fancy worded descriptions. When in reality the brain numbing ‘job that suits’ is actually tick the box, pack the box. And the wages are below average livable costs.

Then, later in the mid twenties, the unemployed line just got bigger as the government allowance to employers dries up. Proud parents become frantic as their child’s independence loses its glow.

What’s the difference with working with Autistic Adults today?

The biggest thing with working with autistic adults today is that many have come back into communities. Within the community there is a safety concept.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities Working With Autistic AdultsIn this post is a life experience of how one person has taken a few of these life lessons of voluntary working with low social, economical, educational leveled children into now freely working with Autistic Adults.

Having attended a book release yesterday she was asked why she was different from the rest of us. Asked why? the answer came back ” You’re so positive and full of life! We need that. Come to our meeting next week.”

Lifting people on the Autism Spectrum into a far greater and more positive mindset is one thing. Having reached a point where again she may give back to the community so that others may work together in a financial capacity is something that will be shared amongst these communities.

The little known story behind working with Autistic Adults 

Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s life was totally different regarding working with autistic adults.  Families were usually larger, and more community minded.  Everyone in the family was expected to attend either the  lunch,  or the main meal of the day. Organisation of this daily event seemed to be completed with enthusiasm and commitment.

One of the cousins was different. The same but different. Always seemed happy, huggable and to be smiling. Full of trust and brimming with energy.  What is now known as low functioning autism. The smallish town where the parents lived was within walking distance of most of the other relatives. So this cousin had a community where he would work, make friends, and move towards independence, while still somewhat sheltered from the real life.

The rest of us were all the same….. normal. Through that one family of grandparents normal was normal. Normal spread out the world, over to be over one-hundred and ninety eight people, all normal.

As a member of this large, extended multileveled family all the relatives were use to working with autistic adults and children of the same family.

Years later the impact of working with Autistic Adults

Personal impacts of working with Autistic adults started with the impactful recognition of the 1991 truck impact when  a truck hit the vehicle being driven.

People say Autism traits may be ’caused’ by a traumatic incident such as a vehicle accident.  Caused, or highlighted, the answer lies within the person themselves.

Within weeks it was noticed that both sons rocked backwards and forward.  One constantly hitting his head in repeat fashion on the walls. Knowing there was a memory somewhere stored of a similar behaviour this new memory was stored and cataloged as odd.

The other son, and a later addition to the family, autistic like behaviour were noted at primary school.  In our families case Autism Spectrum is in the DNA.  Additionally sever stress throws behaviour modifications out the door.

Sixteen years after the truck impact the eighteen month old son at the time of the impact was diagnosed as falling into the Autistic category.

With that diagnosis, and a little research, the headbanging and mood swings of childhood was understood.  Their uncle described above had these too.

Development of influence while working with Autistic Adults

Another personal trait was the  fierce loyalty in defending others within that child’s circle of influence was finally understood. Where as my loyalty went to the employers. Secondly, while also helping others in your community find a better self was understood. This attitude was long held through the years of small home based businesses as well.

Participating in voluntary work to the extent of literally taking on the world to protect the youth, to give them chances of both being a child, and move toward independence was understood.

Meanwhile giving these children experiences,  while finding the benefits of participating in voluntary work themselve, gave a balance to their ever growing mindsets. Many were adults in a child’s body.

Looking back the children were so like the members of my extended family from the pre truck impact. Suddenly so many things began to make sense.  The world was indeed a strange place.

Working with autistic adults gives you skills.

There are certain skills needed when working with autistic adults. One of these being to recognise that everyone is unique.  Another is an open to opportunities mindset.  A get in there and take action where action needs to be taken.

micromanaging-is Working With Autistic AdultsThe voluntary position needed organisation.  Running the events, activities, ceremonies, fetes, service to the communities, let alone bringing into the daily meeting times what each unit needed to achieve meant micro-managing a five year overall program. Something previously learned before the vehicle impact was micromanaging bookwork, stalls, front of brick and mortar business and stock accountabilities.

People were a different matter. Animals were fun.  People could fall between being beautifully expansive and easy to work with or closed off and cruel.

Looking back to relearn how to cope with these attitudes was definitely a challenging ‘think out of the box’ stuff mindset. So like we were shown with my cousin, look for, and accept the beautiful side within people,  yet be aware and avoid the other.

Working with autistic adults skills begin in early childhood.

When the option is there to start a small home based business it’s humbling to realise that your own children may want to take on the skills what you have built on during the businesses growth. To build around the skills that they have seen and been accustomed to as children.

Starting up with a stock in the box delivered weekly, stacking these on the shelves was fun.

The turnover grew. New lines, repeat orders and special of the month stock delivered.   The containers in the inners were used as ten pin bowls, climbing steps, moved around all over the show.

The outside shed got a bit full. Products became covered in dust.  On the open aired markets weather beaten stock was not attractive.

While working with Autistic Adults helped with keeping the stock presentable. The wages were such that the stock level went down anyway to cover the costs of wages.

It’s the world that’s a challenge when working with autistic adults.

Working with autistic adults who have a common goal starts one step at a time. The first is to have a common goal that helps people reconnect with the collective vision. From that point through a comfortable transition point an individual and very personal transformation begins.

Become part of our efforts by joining  us on this community ….as well.  We’ve got your back!

Having read this far you’ve most likely found this post intriguing enough to wonder what will happen to the relationships you have already built within the circle of influence already around you.  From experience share and show them the relevant and informative video series.

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