With this fresh start what will I be doing was the equivalent of ” Do you have a plan?”

Let me answer the second part first.  Yes, there has been the first objective completed.

Itstimetowhattellme With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
When the student is ready the teacher is found. Using the tools of Digital Business Lounges [ especially the GraphixCreator] helped bring about a mindset change. One professional looking graphixcreated pictyre at a time
This was literally finding out who my ‘I’ was.

The second was learning what there was to learn and now the third: To action what it was that has been determined.  That course I enrolled for in 2014 was a terrific one for both the above areas.

With this fresh start what is there 

So far the first two have been an ongoing process. Out of the first fourteen months as an independent Distributor there have been many mistakes made.  Learned from and one would think that would be it!  Nope… promptly went and did the same mistakes  again.  Over the last few months the learning to use all the tools within the Digital Business Lounge has been a lot of fun.  True fun.  Connecting the ideas of how one thing works into another how another thing works. A heck of a challenge.  However choosing just one thing to move forward with  was great advice.  In choosing the “How to create the pictures” being able to accept the failures being able to visualize the results were … like a visual representation of progress.”

You need to learn by failing. It’s real time learning!

big-tick With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
A big tick as you bring your life’s passion alive with a fresh start on each GrphicCreator Picture created.

Well, I believe having covered just about every mistake in the book so far there will be a few more to explore as other things are progressed through.

The days spent doing all this preparation learning, working things out, seeing how things fit together have entered another phase. Lessons learned previously, mistakenly accepted as fact, have had to be shed.  And that hurt. Primarily as having lost all the first thirty-one years having to replace the second hard earned was has been a definite challenge.

Made it through though.  The belief you yourself means the buck stops with yourself.  Knowing that and wanting to achieve just this one step.  Not to perfection.  The lessons were being taught.  Repeated and added to.  The wow an interesting thing haopoend.  The commitment to achieviung great vusals  became achieved.  Then the videos that needed visuals .  These same viusals were added to the first  video.

Time is freedom and strive for it with the DBL.

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
Hit Here for A Fresh Start! With The Digital Business Lounge where learning and actioning help makes every action count.

Even with all the hassles it’s still worth it – that freedom of choice to give time to the learning and implementation process.

Learning how to use the Digital Business Lounge tools have become just a part of what is being done.

Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve? The price  to all this was not to give up and throw things away.  Now that would have meant that accepting the negatives would have happened.  Instead to have the visuals, pictures, giffs, videos and all sorts of things were just stepping stones into another phase.

Learning to action, to have the belief and follow through now those are exciting times. See all these come into play

Social Media is a lot easier with GraphixCreator

With this fresh start you too can have the GraphixCreator’s professional presentations. Once the blog challenges are sorted out, knowing that when other people need assistance the information being shared is complete, able to be absorbed in a manner that makes sense.  Wow will that be an achievement

I like the fresh start experienced.  Knowing what I am doing is a really good way to go about things.

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A big tick as you bring your life’s passion alive with a fresh start on each GrphixCreator Picture created.

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