As A person who experiencing some of my life online, writing about these experiences and connecting these experiences to concepts life in the last few years had had more meaning, exposure, interrogation, and conceptual work outs its amazing the journey focus is even still shining like a ball of pure high energy light blue electric light. Yes I am on the Autism Spectrum. Asking me where about though you will draw a blank. Not interested in further defining this journey called life. One box is enough and that is labelled Autistic and Autism Spectrum. Having living with Autism Traits popping up all through my life I finally have a name association to things that i believe are normal. They are for me and my family. All the generations past, present and future. With the label I lost being lost. If people cannot handle what and who I am then that is there hard luck. Now I am online and loving it.

Over years of being very active with Social Media there are now a few places to find me.

This link will take you to the Susan Lewis Marketing Values while this one will send you through to Susan Lewis’s Values.

you with one huge list there are links here to pages  that may interest you.  Just scroll on down until you find a topic of choice and see what there is through that link in that topic.

The reason this is being done this way simply is this there are many board, communities, collections, groups, circles, avenues of interest.  A few maybe I have moved on from yet they are still a part of myself, my experiences within this life’s journey.

Dreamsworkwhenyou-DO-397x400 Where Else is Susan Lewis these days?
Definitely put the work in to make that dream of your work for you

Therefore, I invite you to come on through and find what it is you may be interested in.

Topics cover areas such as gardening, survival, education, community development, events and happening, markets, micro-financing and micro-business, art, craft, High Functioning Autism.

Yes there will also be the:  This is where the platform is that has given me space.  The list of where to locate me also needs to be divided into areas as well.   Okay so having three hundred different avenues and counting my be a bit much for some to handle.  It is for the search engines and that would just cause the little bots to have a massive melt down and go on strike.

If you take the time and fully experience the preparation processes, You are more likely to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labour as well. Include in your free 30 day test drive everything you want for your online marketing educational experience. Then when you’ve popped into the private community here.. we will catch up again


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Where Else is Susan Lewis these days?
Susan Lewis

The resulting choices may even be in the form of a well-deserved rest and rejuvenation time. However, as long as there is access to great internet and an internet device you will probably be enjoying creating contact time with your many followers. Don’t forget to share this secret with your family and friends

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