Did you know that before Pinterest hit the scenes the internet was basically a logical thinking place – largely male dominated?  Did you know that huge numbers of females found they quickly had offers of a work at home nature where they naturally had the social sharing skills required that males had lesser capabilities of?  Did you know that even today females are still targeted for these low income, labour intense situations?

Imagine if there was another wave of discovered inventiveness about to sweep the globe?  Would there be enough people with the skills, talents and get up and action drive within them to take advantage of this new wave coming?

Would you be moving forward with a lot more confidence too?

Learning from the right people, moving forward with a lot more confidence, less fear and a

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence
Similar to Quality over Quantity. Content may be King. However the Queen rules the show through and Contact and Communication.

tonne of ‘quiet’ support? Most people, working their way through the steps of affiliate marketing, could only dream of this a challenge. A bliss.  A headache and oh so very worthwhile.  Every step a learning curve. At the outset, knowing that the job is visualized … processed, completed and done.

A new wave had hit the internet.

Look at Pinterest.  Aimed at visual learning.   In what appeared to be male dominant

thinking world, the long denied ‘understanding’ of the internet challenges, suddenly  females, were flooding onto that platform. Visuals were the thing females instinctively understood. Today the end result is what is seen.  The cake with the smile, the bridal dress with the shoes, the hall and its decorations.  Okay, maybe the husband-to-be would be a little vague, or just wishful thinking at times!

The end result was visualised.  From that step all the stepping stones would be worked out. Then the work would then start from the bottom.  Cupboard searched for ingredients, shopping lists made.  Kitchen tidied and cake making begins.

Not realising just how deep this ability was Pinterest caused a major Tsunami in the online world. Offline would soon reap the benefits. Marketing had now forever changed. And there were side effects.

Was it all worth it for the multi-faceted users?

Pinterest, as an online reference library is worth its weight in gold.  Soon major events with present swapping  as an inclusion ended up with the recipients creating a wish list.

School projects were researched as it was easy to “see” something that interested rather than garnish the information via test titles.

Years worth of works and pictures to scroll through.  Pictures between school projects, classrooms around the world were linking together.  Understanding of cultures, emergencies, celebrations, puzzles, answers and wonders of life were renews every moment on screen.

And a new type of Marketing emerged complete with ….

Digital-Learning-a Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence

Would micro-learning of regular self-paced skills updates cause you to be moving forward with a lot more confidence?

Business hired Pinterest knowledgeable females just to post and comment. Slowly marketers realised the affiliate marketing potentials.  Five years later there still is a wide gulf between online micro-learning self-paced and off-line marketing, home based reading that combines some more school-based class time.

Now if you were the someone with one type of expertise who just happened to know someone else to team up with the other expertise… things really started to happen.

People were looking to others for leadership

Often times the difference would be so small between those who did the work and those who were effectively managers instead of leaders. Yet, had major impacts financially as people realised the power of systems and the advantages those in first had.

That stated it has taken many people, much time to garnish these little hints, actions, processes and upskilling  time. Should you have been in the situation of not having the money  for upfront course fees then if you could last the distance your job was to drive the traffic through someone else’s funnel.    Yes, you may have won one thing.

However, the traffic had to fill out an email address.  Therefore, the other business gained followers on their e-mailing list with which the back office was emailing new offers.  Guess who made the financial gain.  The people who had all the tools.  And the technicians who understood how to create, make and realign the programs involved.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

In those early days of big glossy boards with lots of visuals being created those who received the groups verification were enabled to be moving forward with a lot more confidence