Did you know that finding pictures from a very reliable online source may avoid having one pixel tampered with? Do you know that sharing that cute little picture in the post or page you upload may just have damaged your computer? Did you know that these infected few pixels are placed there through all sorts of nefarious

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Similar to Quality over Quantity. Content may be King. So too is a small selection tailored to the needs of your readers

means ready to strike at any time?

Imagine just to have one place where you can go to avoid these possibilities. Where ‘your reputation’ will remain complete. The pictures are there, and all the owners ask is for you to have the courtesy of acknowledging the photographers. Best yet is where these are complementary usage.

Ever need some photo’s so you zipp into the net and pick a few.

Terrific to place within the apps and tools that you use for all those school projects, science experiments.  There are  over 4,116 pictures and videos on file here.

One of the terrific things about the site is that there is a color coordinator attached to the photos. Just choose the color tone of the picture. The photos put forward not come within those tones. With the blues and oranges of the Susan Lewis Marketing site, this little colour gradient selector has really helped with the graphics being pleasing to the eye instead of a strange conglomeration of out of sync warm or cool tone mixes. Darks, lights, pastels or electric colors thrown in to suit.

Second step is part of the first.

While your off choosing, that of the initial chosen high definition photos  within that color within that color range, you more than likely are filling the album up with your choices. This is simple and quick to achieve as the holding capacity is not very large. Just either remove those not in the chosen few or download those selected ones.

headsofwheatcsiro Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Heads of Wheat courtesy of CSIRO

Keeping in mind the post you are writing about, or the project’s objective, now go back to the album and further weed down the selection.

Once there is that three photos focused collection, download into a prepared folder on the computer.Remove from the album on the site.

Nearly a professional finish completed

And now you are ready to place the photos into a professional looking finish, just like these

pictures here. Will you make them into e-books, gifs, cards, promotional slip-ins into a PDF? Just a few suggestions of which the skills are pretty basic with these tools. The complexity of operation falls into a couple of hit this button here. Upload now, press this and do you want text with that? Finalize. And the download to the computer occurs.

And there you have ‘it’ -CSIRO – a very reliable online source.

Science Images from the CSIRO of Australia and the great looking effects of the  very

divercatchingarockcrabcsiro Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
In the warm waters around Australia “something’s lunch” comes cruising buy.

reliable online GraphixCreator.

  No damage to the computer. You’re not sharing bugs and bits.  Better yet. The only thing that may be tampered with is the outstanding professional presentation of your hard work may lead to other things happening. You never actually know where your journey will go.

Plus these have come from a very reliable little known online source. Complete with professional names within their field of expertise.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have with another that’s a very reliable online source. Find out how right here.  The have even better fun sharing these with your colleges, clients, friends and family members.

Cheers for now.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Susan Lewis uses the Digital Business Lounges GraphixCreator App for a professional finish to Susan Lewis Marketings pictures