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Still putting the pieces together noticing time has flown past the two golden rules in life are still very much alive.  These two golden rules apply to people of all walks of life.  The rich, the poor, the working hard at it. The gifted, the talented, and especially the self doubters. The bullied and the praised.  All walks of life.  All cultures.  All ages of people need to be aware that these two golden rules exist.

Learning new things while sorting out concepts.  Working what seems all hours. Where ever they are, doing what ever they are doing. Even if its doing a ‘dreary or life challenging’ day job.

Fed up with putting in the time, learning, actions and push behind what you are doing. Always skimming under the “I notice you “radar”.  Then take a closer look at options available. The one in this video made me laugh.  But the two golden rules of life message still stands.

Keep Putting Yourself Out there.
Follow The Two Golden Rules for Life

Being on part of the Autism Spectrum may seem to make things amplify.  Believe me I know the feeling as I too am on the Autism Spectrum.  It only took until I was forty-nine years odd to be told of the diagnosis.   And nothing changed.

2goldenrulestolife Two Golden Rules In LifeI still was driving a taxi all hours and often double shifts.  Still had a grown up leaving left home family.  Therefor I was going through empty nest syndrome, added to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Loss of Memory through a truck impact.

Yet I had things I wanted to do. I could run camps for children and families.  Cook and Quarter-Master at large camps for 15,00 people for ten days active camp time.  Run meetings , activities, camps, services, voluntary, show and teach things on many levels.

Attend what was Monash University [ now Federation University] Gippsland, Australia, Not having even been in a degree course but with an ability to gain a Post Grad Certificate for “Rural Community Development”  [ 1st year Masters].

Still feel there was more to life.  The diagnosis of being on the Autistic spectrum did answer many things though.  Universities are filled with many books that general public are unable to obtain or do not know about.

Today is the 19th May 2017.  Today two things happened simultaneously.  The video here was played after the two golden rules of life was placed as a comment in a Facebook stream.

Having viewed the video the impact of these two golden rules in life may make a lot more sense.

In this post here they are.  The Two  Golden Rules In Life

These rules are applicable to just everything out there. There are times when someone needs to be gently reminded of these two golden rules of life.  Just the same as I was today.  Therefore please share this picture with others you have a hunch may enjoy it.



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