What started as an interest in creating visuals that speak through to people’s needs.  Ones that people wanted to see, taste, feel and breath the life of started years ago.  Actually nearly forty years ago.  A friend took us to the Blind gardens in wellington , New Zealand.  Here people could see, touch, taste and smell the energy of the plants,the textures and the hardness of the surrounds.

This is une potent memory in my life that even without the memory there [ truck impacting into my vehicle took many memories away in 1991].  Yet intuitively this day lay there and it’s presence seeped to people’s needs through into their daily life .

hay I can play with things in beta testing mode….

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In 2014 the introduction of the GraohixCreator amount a tool set  came into my learning.  GraphixCreator was in beta mode.  And what fun there was to be had. h And so started a love afair with colours and textures. They bring things together.  Like the desire to always go that one step further.  Once one level has been achieved and the next one has already had some success.  It is time to strat with a third level.  These ideas individaully begin to load up and form concepts.

For a person with Autism learning may well be a challenge.

However I learn years ago with my own children growing up that education takes on many forms.  Fun is the biggest one of all.  Fun and learning went into the Girl Guide Leadership as we were about to reach in to people’s needs this way.

So you see the Beta testing was not a challenge.  It was unexplored territory that had no bounds.  Now I have seen large corporations going out and hiring Autistic people.  Once the neurotypicals have finished testing the games the special groups just see the pieces forgotten about and the developers now eliminate these flaws within their product as well

Thing is since I created the ” Helping out Autism as a Gift” page I am blind to the flaws.  Even though I have gone over and over the page myself.

So I am asking  you would you please help me with the finer details –> Before the official launch in a few days time.

This is one post that was put together asking for help

Done it [finally] and feeling great about this too.

+Would you do me a terrific favour and just check the page out as there is bound to be something I have forgotten.

Much appreciated and thank you for the comments




 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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