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So I’ve learned to pace the learning. To wait. And wait again.  Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis.  Yes I have strong Autistic traits with which I am defiantly learning to pace the learning , or remain constantly confused. This post walks you through why to pace three choices available plus  learning with examples and things I have used to assist me keeping focused , on track, and completed…. within an acceptable time table.

Okay, the last is a work still in progress mind you.

Three choices were available. Having to wait was one thing I had plenty of practice at. To ask a neutral person who may have taken the time to learn to know my learning process well that took ample trust while letting down my guards that was dangerous and a hard thing to do.Hard_Choices I learned to pace the learning

That left the third thing. To find a course from which there is a supportive network. This circle of influence is either a generic one that is the general support desks, libraries. Forums are interactive. And distractive. May appear to be procrastination where it’s actually a case of ” of heck what was I looking for before concentration was diverted…aka lost.”

Admittedly choosing to opt out of what seemed like confusion while learning a new skill had become habit.  Also becoming absorbed in other people’s confusions was also a form of procrastination.

2goldenrulestolife I learned to pace the learningProactively getting through the bootcamp could have been terrific. Except there was little activity to overcome the overwhelm. For instance inclusion of a finishing before time prize. Adding review inspection times. Additionally bringing forward an early finish date and time. Frustration was not an optional added extra.

You see for recently my mother, and I went to Interlock.  By car.  I drove and stopped and took pictures and drove and took more pictures.   We had a time away, sat on an embankment and talked while the full moon shone, walked along a pier and had dinner at 11 o’clock at night. This was a big celebration time between the two of us.  Mum had just turned eighty.  I was turning fifty-five.  Mum was getting over heart surgery and a not so terrific virus.

The pictures taken are gradually being made into different quotes.  These quotes are then being placed in several PDF’s. For a couple of months prior the new skill  began to be learned. E-books are being slowly created as thank yous for a sales funnel.  And that sales funnel is being tracked.

To that point the learning of new skills still had no timeline as the online starting time merged with not connecting to anything.  Left over unresolved memory damage from a vehicle impact years ago.

BootCamp helped with the focusing. Yes, Autistic people [ of which I am] have great focus times.  Once they know what they are doing. One of mine is a drive for knowledge. Even self knowledge. And I would get lost in the pulling apart to find out how things worked. Drilling deeper and deeper.

Procrastion meant this delayed any money making activities that ‘affiliate marketing focused people’ who have the drive to get out there need. Even side tracking to give your time so that another may achieve their personal goals.

SusanLewisandLogo I learned to pace the learning
Read about my choice to research the resources enabling me to to pace the learning.

Meanwhile, the tools of the Digital Business Lounge have been systematically pulled to pieces and are now being assembled with only a few figurative screws loose.  And either the support group or the Six Figure Mentors community members, the allotted business coach, or the allocated mentor helps out.

This is where the Digital Experts Academy Silver level training comes in very handy.  The basics are taught via weekly webinars, training videos,  even small bite sized self-paced upskilling is there.  Plus the community forums. Most importantly there are references that either you have currently learned, or you will soon hunt out and find the answers too.


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