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Amazing how color seeps into our lives.  Past memories are stored in our brains.  When connections are made between what information with helpd inside the brain matter new concepts associations are created.
Figuring out how to create a balance in GraphixCreator quotes that are now a big part of the passive advertising has been assisted from early childhood experiences.   Textile and texture influences, associations along with a sensoray ‘completeness’ helped bring through a visual balance.

In the 1970’s influences from other cultures were brought into everyday life. Schools, artists along with  students,  and even Swamis were part of the every days acceptances in our home.

knowyourstory-liveyourstory to create a balance in
to create a balance in your story add color

Recently while wondering why certain colors were influencing the things I was doing  a Chakra chart was unearthed.    Accordingly the chakra colors were displayed.

From the top of the chart there is”
The Purple – for Spiritually[ aka the Crown Chakra called Sahasrara]The Deeper Blue – For Intuition [ aka the Brow Chakra called Ajna]
An electric Light Blue for Communication [ aka the Throat Chakra called Vishuddha]
The Green – for Love -[ aka the Heart Chakra called Anahata]
The Yellow – for Power[ aka the Naval Chakra called Manipura]
The Orange for Sexuality [ aka the Sacral Chakra called Swadhisthana]
The Red – for Survival [ aka the root Chakra called Muladhara]

Having had a deep rooted memory loss that lasted for years many of these concepts had become… rather than foreign lets say undisclosed information that was affecting percepts.

SusanLewisandLogo to create a balance inExploring the GraphixCreator initially meant using every color possible.  Now though, having settled into knowing who I am, what has been found is a balance.  Thankfully the Platinum Level course was an awakener.

Continue reading about the Platinum Course here   So a balance was being sort.  Finding my “me” was an added benefit.  And once again a balance has been found.

Once again life gets interesting from here on in.


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