Ridiculous claims are everywhere about link shorteners. Some say you make money with them.  Emotive words conjuring up money presses, sweat and intense labour. Tracking takes a myriad of forms.  Under the line are a series of links each taking you through different phases of information.  How toos, or this is an effect of this step.

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What was Today’s toolbox e-resource gold nugget takeaway for you?

Welcome to one part of the Today’s Toolbox E-Resources compilation. For 101 resources information Go through here..

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About tracking apps

 A Slow and laborious way of filing?

A Bit Different


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A FREE resource : an integral part of the integrated tool set available.

Susan Lewis Marketing: To the top to read : TidyURL Information

Accessing the Archives

A slow and Laborious

Back to front order

Discuss SimpleTrakk

Do follow link

Fully Utilize The Link Shortner

Increase traffic with banner

Know when to hit the red “X”s

trial-120x600 Todays Toolbox E-Resource TidyURL Information
 Learning to Include Code

Let’s Look At Using TidyURL To Your Advantage

Let’s talk tracking

Online Filing System

Overwhelm I know

Placed into the funnel

Sales campaign ideas for improving Search Engine Results

The Only Way To Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

The Upgraded Model

TidyURL The gift with the ability to shrink,redirect, cloak, track and organise

TidyURL the only way to redirect a Link with a Link Shortner

The nofollow disclosure

The Steps to using My Link Generator

The Upgraded model

To Master Tracking

Tools to know about while learning marketing Key concepts

Which of all the Installers to install

Why Look A Tracking Gift In The Mouth?

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Please Note:  Before you use these free resources please contact susanlewis@susanlewismarketing.com.  Request myself and I will walk you through the simple, but concise steps.  Plus send you a small PDF on  TidyURL  May as well now how to use these resources to your best advantage.

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Having fun with TidyURL Information

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing tracking results to follow suit.

Susan Lewis

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