Susan Lewis Autistic, Online and Loving IT. Susan writes for Susan Lewis marketing sharing the information and practical knowoeledge of fixing the frustration gaps when you are developing a community within an organisation that really was happy with the status quo. This of course translated to well leave it to you to do. Thank fully technology is now well used. The youth are showing the older generations. The youth now much 'stuff' but sometimes an older head within a crowd of young shoulders sees what others are missing. Maybe its the been there and done something similar feeling. Make use of Susan Lewis Marketing's sites search box.

Working online is often considered socially unacceptable. As if the person who chooses to tune into what they are doing while not under an employer’s thumb is a social abnormal influence. In fact those that bother to find out your at home suddenly take to calling in and staying to keep you company. Apparently people are not allowed to be alone while constructively creating a system where moving out of a circle of influence and into another is the underscored goal.

Hello I am Susan Lewis. Seeing how these attitudes define someone who persists against many odds is amongst the greatest triumphs I know of. Simply known as the Sum Of Attitude.

Often finding a way forward means working through someone else’s goals. A partner’s dream, or an employer’s vision and mission statement at odds with your own. A hierarchy or peers with different, values, attitudes and behavior that the employer is willing to house within their working environment may bring conflict.
The-sumofyourattitude The Sum OF AttitudePeople’s attitude can make the day pleasant for all concerned. Negative attitudes can ruin the entire day for everyone. Sometimes large chunks of a persons life. Ever entered a workplace area and felt the conversation come to a stop? Suddenly someone feels like they are a bit like a soprano singer in a heavy metal band!

Being on the Autism spectrum there are people who have a strong loyalty trait. Staying somewhere until something breaks within them. Quietly melt down where no one can see them. That disconnect with society happening.

When this happened to me it took two years before I was able to sleep properly. Okay being on call for 120 hours a week was not a great idea. End result: broken sleep patterns as customers kept phoning for taxi rides at odd times . Usually just as you’ve fallen asleep …finally.

Accelerate-your-online-marketing-today The Sum OF Attitude
With the choice that is right for you = accelerate your online presence

When the email to a similar link below arrived it took a week of watching the videos for them to make sense. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Something that would allow  a change in attitude to occur.

See what arrived in the email.

Behavior management, mindset and life pattern actions began. Changes occurred over time.

Now my workplace is wherever I happen to be.

SusanLewisandLogo The Sum OF AttitudeA video here, a photo there, and some writing in between create a basis of a blog. Share the blog around and have fun. Must admit cause of the rather large meltdown period from coming out of an abusive working environment these things took a while to absorb. Implement and action. Now micromanaging the next steps is actually getting this new life journey together.

An attitude that has a hunger behind it my just shoot you past and out of those of your past working environment. Yes. Accept that change is part of the sum of attitude.

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