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That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today – Look For Digital Marketing Strategies  Where That One Amazing thing That Happens When People Come Together.

If you are looking for digital marketing strategies be aware of that one Amazing thing that happens today when people in this private community come together and share knowledge, skills and trainings.

In this post Susan Lewis shows how gaining of skills and relearning to learn from one area in life leads to fulfilling a vision in another time.

With the organisational skills of previous home based businesses.  The organisation and running Girl Guide Units and training both youth and families. Working, studying community development and family based first hand knowledge of what is considered the cognitive impairments through both the Autism Spectrum traits, and head injuries.  Additionally extended family concepts thrownin. There are many life skills to draw from.

Susan takes you through a camping example  how just living with an opening mindset and relearning to learn has a profound influence on the next few generations.  Constantly upskilling, training, testing out new things, revising old things, recycling ideas and adapting these concepts brings forward the belief that we can accomplish anything online we put our minds to. This induced when “Soul Sisters” get together, unite with one vision… something that has input from many peoples talents, gifts and knowledge.  Is very doable as well as includes members of the family who need care, inclusion, expressions with the ability to socially share

Take action with that one amazing thing that happens today

Referencing a memory where as leaders the girls were shown to go camping they needed to know how to pitch a tent.  How to remain safe with things stored away.  Coat hangers made of wood hanging down and used.  To do this took more than luck  It took practice.  Then out would come the know how, followed by the belief, as one person started to show another something they knew how to do. Each girl would trust in their intuition, and to an extent their training as they gathered wood.  Knew where the string and twine was.   Took their open mind to take a chance with opportunities that presented themselves. And learned two basic rules….2goldenrulestolife That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

Next camp these skills and teachings were revisited.  Onward taught.

So the girls learned to Dream Big. Now that one Amazing thing that happens today  is these girls are adults with children. Stopping to pass the time of day and slipping in a thank you for showing them how to roll with the destiny until they are on the other side of their current reality.  These ladies that were once children of a mental mindset that needed opening reflect the  personal challenges they have overcome  in the ability to choose a better life influence choice range for their children.

Recognise that one Amazing thing that happens with practice

Today the thought was ‘Woweee’ that one Amazing thing that happens today when someone spends time going over something that was foreign to you and you tried to understand what was going wrong.  Attacking things head on. Upside down.  Back to front.  Creatively testing  and creating a mess every which way.

Spending time combing the internet.  Looking for videos that speak the same ‘speak as you do”.  Until the realisation once again hits home.   Help is in this Community.

Back to the drawing board.  Slightly woser is to how to pick yourself up after falling forward and landing in various messy mud puddles.

Hard_Choices That One Amazing Thing That Happens TodaySomething to write home about are the choices made and actions taken.

Yet when that person is helping you things seem so clear.  The test is when you have to go forth and do it yourself.  Hang on, did not this step go before that step.

The relief rather than constantly being on anxiety level hyper is incredible.  Even sourcing out the underline  [ look below] just because I love having an underline proper piece of code that is an ‘underline’ in these blog posts.  Something so small is like a nugget of gold.

Where as currently I’m on another site fiddling around with  pages structuring.  Sure there is two sites open and step by step the process is being done.  The difference is that to have got this far is amplifeied through the belief that what is done for one site is doable for another.  Even the anticipation of conquering other WordPress themes is looking adventurous.

That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

With so many unprecedented  steps forward happening it seems we are now in a world where people know that when they have full belief in the outcome everything and anything is possible

Here’s to progress as  that one amazing thing that happens today that seperates the past and moves everyone forward into the future.

How can people from all parts of the globe get together like a family with a common theme.  Well the internet has made this very possible.  There’s one person who has six friends and one older relative. Let’s call them ‘Soul Sisters’. These females are aged between eighty-two and twenty-six who have Autism aspects and traits within their families. Three have family members at home who are in their childhood.  All these adults have come together with their skills, knowledge and a common need.  Each has tangled with a someone who has psychopathic tendencies in some way, shape or form. These Soul Sisters have survived. Are fantastic organisers. Have a common financial need. Will support each of their ‘Soul Sisters’ while developing this agency concept.

While one writes blogs, another has the selling sites. There is a social side hunger.  Three are very graphic. All are, or have someone at home who is on the Autism Spectrum. Three have had brain injuries through vehicle accidents.

By pooling the resources and the workload suddenly there are books to be produced.  Graphic designs through templates, business cards introducing the people under one roof. Pamphlets professionally produced. And a team of people able to attend expos and shows on a rotational basis.

Three create websites from templates.  Four make videos and five write well.  Two live on farms that are twenty hours solid travel away from each other. Yet at a flick of a switch these people are able to connect via digital devices to attend a meeting, laugh, catch up, look after their families, while cooking, washing and doing other daily chores.

Here’s that one Amazing thing that happens to be so wonderful

And this step further builds on the belief the agency has arrived.tapforresources That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

Tap on the phone to be included

Where its taken three years to finally connect to who I am it took only a brief sentence in late 2014 for the vision of an agency to solidify into something real.  Everything from that moment on was one step closer to creating this agency.

The agency concept was part of a bigger vision.  During the time of community leadership there was little interaction with computers  until the tenth year.  Then it was a case of basic WORD.  The internet via mobile phone usage in smart phone was so foreign. Today the generation  of digital natives are way more competent.  To go in and once again shake, rattle and roll with the agency destiny  is a wonderful vision on the very point of being.

Interconnection with other people was that one amazing thing that happens today!

By the attachment of community development  with online continuous  fundraising stability is in the making.

Once you know what your dream is, is there anything in you mindset that wants to stop you?  If so get rid of that mindset.  Fill the gaps in with a new vision.  The difference between a dream and a vision is the vision has a time dated and imprinted, that adds to the velocity and value actions are taken.

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