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There are several must does, whatever method is involved in taking an idea to market. With technology so readily available today, the ways of doing this are many and varied.This post

Untitled-400x300 Taking An Idea To Market
Capsicums from Mertyl Grove Produce

is speaking about taking a physical product to a real world market stall. In this case in Heyfield. A country town, on the flat area before near the base of the Southern Mountain Range, stretching through Victoria and on up through New South Wales, Australia

Checking and repacking the equipment

Gradually as time goes on the products being taken to market begin to alter. Maybe the

basic product remains the same while additions are made.Or a whole different line is brought on board.
Whatever happens planning, altering stock, replacing items and stock, and many other little things will occur during the week. With the #PopCorn4U the basic popcorn remained the same. The packaging changed.The additions to the packaging were reflective to the festivals, celebrations and when possible the International and National “dates or weeks”.

The week between the markets allows time to top up on little things. Place an order with a wholesaler and travel distances if there is need just to pick the bags of Popping Corn up and

wonthaggi-fairy-floss-man-susanlewismarketingdotcom Taking An Idea To Market
Fairy floss made in a open air Market

the Coconut butter.  A nearly six-hour return trip.  Add into this several places to stop off and add to supplies things such as blue marshmallows and other delectables that are not

available through this area.
If necessary the day before the market, show, festival or event packing the trailer begins.

Travelling starts early

Heyfield is approximately seventy kilometers away. Since the official starting time is eight in the morning many stall holders begin arriving between five to six o’clock. This early arrival time allows for:

  1. the hazards of travel to be negotiated.
  2. setting up
  3. Socialization [ very important]
  4. last minute checks on appliances
  5. the transportation maintenance.

Traveling between towns.

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg Taking An Idea To Market
Oh Bliss. Something to be safe within on overnight trips between markets, towns festivals and other areas..

The above is a very general in it’s approach. Something that is not mentioned is what does the occupants of the vehicle do between towns?

The assistance to the driver is depending on the hazards as they may occur. Think about it. The driver is looking for them outside and is concentrating on the car and trailer sounds. Who then is keeping an eye on them?

Laughingly my job is to talk and “listen”. Add this is alongside typing out today’s post. The hardest thing is to see the keys on the keyboard as during the winter time as there is at least two hours of typing in the dark while traveling along. Having worked out the angle the screen sits at reflecting on the keypad things are doing well.

Taking an idea to market is the same online as off.

Using every bit of free time that one has with which to reach out and make your dream come true, knowing that it is you and you along who is the driving factor behind your own

Elixar-Blues-0001 Taking An Idea To Market
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

success .  Whatever they may be.

One thing I really do appreciate at these markets is the time away from the home computer.   During any down time during the day you will find me out socializing. Love listening to people’s stories as to why they too are working the market rounds.  These stories they have generously given permission for me to take the photos of and publish their story, contact details and so forth.

Love even coming back with fresh food and vegetables as well.  Something that has never changed.  Buying through the markets is different from purchasing through a store.  Literally the vegetables and fruits are straight from the farm.  The jams, chutneys and honey breads and so much more has just been picked, prepared and is there for you fresh out of the pot or oven.

Or there I am with the little laptop sorting out the previous week’s filing.  Writing blogs for you to read. Making every little thing count, while taking an idea to market, allows for some rest time.

And yet there are the real slow times too.

The down season.The times where no matter what you do you might just make a cuppa intake.  The one cuppa time when and where during a winter month I am somewhere else.

Timeout for good behavior? maybe.  That time out is on my business bucket list.


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Susan Lewis

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