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is this appealing too

Who is this site appealing too?

Understandably not everyone will enjoy the posts created or the topics covered. That is the freedom of choice that each and every one of us have. Besides the fact that the internet is so vast.  Timeless material that is generated sends the IBMs Blue Computer  into a spin just reading everything produced.

But we are not machines, let alone computer brains as yet. Even though Emotional Intelligence is well on the cards and even is knocking on our doors and rattling the window panes. Time magazine [ Feb 2015] has a cover and a bold statement that the human mind will become codependent on the computer chip by 2045. The further IBM, Google,Facebook

checkemailboxnow is this appealing too
Are you checking your email box regularly. The computer Bots are!

etc put forth the idea of “Let’s build a smarter planet and thus welcome you to the cognitive area”. Ask yourself who is this appealing to? And then let yourself just geek out right there! And ask what happened to a simple procedure that sent an email from one place to another?

What conditioning is needed to make this virtual life into a real life ?

Preteens are using their Seri apps to locate information. Instant access into the accessing of knowledge and therefore the development of a personal power base. Is this appealing to the younger generations or have they been conditioned to accept big brother with the superior cognitive powers controlling what it is we dream about doing?

Either the schools are sadly lacking resources or anything to do with the internet has

headsofwheatcsiro is this appealing too
And during the hard time was this farmer forgotten Heads of Wheat courtesy of CSIRO

become so diverse they levels of understanding are now extremely particular to that field. Therefore the learning is whole and solely concentrated on that one speciality area all else has to be left behind. With the visitors to this site – is this appealing to their personal ethos in their own life situations?

Very much like a relative who had a flat tyre in 1978. He may have held all the University degrees under the sun the only person who pulled over to help was an old life schooled cow cocky who did not mind the pouring rain. The relative was a psychologist of international renown. The cognitive research had him traveling between England and Germany through well into the 1980s. As such, he recognised the genuine kindness of the old fella. According to the relative both of these men would have been on the Autism Spectrum.  Just in different areas.

No payment was necessary nor asked for. There were, however, a few truckloads of hay prepaid and delivered through some very lean and long years of the draught.

 Is this appealing to your personal ethos resonance?

Does this story ring any bells? The question is what has the Cyber Cognitive Area and the

wonthaggi-fairy-floss-man-susanlewismarketingdotcom is this appealing too
Fairy floss made in an open air Market. Is this appealing to you or would you prefer to have it posted in bulk.

old fella got as a common denominator? Both are there when you need them. One for information and knowledge and the other because of a lack of knowledge and know how.

The internet usage, the power behind what is happening within the internet cycles, How the

e-commerce is fueling the science and the finances through the usage of the apps, tools and constantly changing technologies where will this all take the human race?

Are you looking for the skills needed to transfer some , if not all, your commercial ideas into an e-commerce area?

Now your online situation is this appealing to you still?

Actually where does it leave the micro business person who is just trying to stay connected

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand is this appealing too
Content may be King. But the Queen rules the show through and Contact and Communication. Is this appealing to you?

within their consumer base? Without a list, how do they reach out through the distractions to be found?

On another level where and how do people reach out for training and upskilling. As the world becomes more open and without barriers tapping into skilled workers is increasingly tapping into outsourcing critical, time-sensitive workloads.

People are finding that they need to micromanage their own staff levels. Therefore, outsourcing needs to be with properly recognised and understood certified training packages. Understood by the employer usually meant the employer had to take time off in order to gain the certifications as well.

As a silver lining to the big black clouds coming in before the storm hits the Digital Experts Academy has a variety of training systems. [* Smart Talk Alert] Continue to embrace the learning and what going on. Maybe it would be simply a case of “Eat the Frog” mindset mentality. Make the shift and time to do things that you really do not want to do in order for you to just be ahead of the population struggling to survive and adapt. Like the farmer whose like was tied into the ground. When the conditions were not right the years of providing and helping others slowly began to dry up. Like a stream without any water.

Now to answer the question of  this site is this appealing to you.


Should you be needing a hand with upskilling and training  your staff or yourself…. You’re obviously interested in what is at the end of this post…

prepareme-rightnow is this appealing too
Up for a challenge? Prepare yourself.. —>>> Just Hit the link <<<—-
Up for a challenge? Prepare yourself.. —>>> Just Hit the link <<<—-

and check out the Digital Businesses Lounge’s Silver platform training system.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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The Digital Experts Academy Silver Training Platform is truly worthwhile


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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