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discuss Simple Tracking


Having removed the confusion and now let’s discuss SimpleTrakk

Once the sensory level is sorted out the needs of the other levels are “so what’ everything is safe in safe mode me on through. The laughter is because most trainers would have explained about the beginning of the funnel first. The application, and landing page, the thank you page or sales page difference. Through to the review part. This, of course, means the SimpleTrakk would be discussed last along with the autoresponder somewhere in between.

Add b) the double ended funnel explaining what happens at the other end of the sales funnel

In fact, sort out the Autoresponder. With the Six Figure Mentors there is the typical expectation that with the High Commission conversion rate of sale commission they may have wanted to have all the leads themselves. No! This is not the case. Both Jay Kubassak and Stuart Ross have been through the school of hard knocks. So the cookies [ pixrels] allocation life is for the life of your SFM membership.

f) Then compliance rules of engagement are different for who hostess or hosts the visitor. The pages and post are basically adds when you are doing content marketing. Theses posts and pages are

g) Either was the ‘advertisements’ URL gets placed into the Funnel. Come back to this is a minute.
As the content marketer writes their advertising copy [post or page, ] the tidyURL unique application is applied. The post and page are now allocated to you.

h) Now back to the funnel. The MY funnel is used to track the visitors to the content on that page or post

i) The My Advertising Link Generator is used for the activity after the landing page.

j) Landing pages are a bit different when you are creating your own.

K) SimpleTrakk shows you a global picture of all your advertising through the Six Figure Mentors system.