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Why Find An Alter Ego In Business

Why Find An Alter Ego In Business – Because The Answer to Why Find An Alter Ego In Business Is Here

Someone once asked “Whether running a business was the same as having an alter ego?” The rationale was that to engage an alter ego was to have a “double life”

Now you are asked to ask you the same question. Comments accepted at the end of the post.

Why Find An Alter Ego In Business
Meet “Susan Lewis”

In this post Susan Lewis Alter egos allow the entrepreneurs ego in business to access three basic things.

The first being the having a protective shield for troubles and woes to bounce off or slide down.

The second is to have the freedom with which to present yourself as the best you can be. As well as the belief, and confidence, to juggle things around to suit the occasion.

Purely because the daily grind has less effect on the alter ego. Therefore you, using your alter ego to present your thoughts allows you to go ahead, get things checked off your checklist as completed.

Organisational flows are fed through incoming streams that have less blockages. Getting things done allows the continuity of just knowing your dream is one step closer.

Why Find an Alter Ego In BusinessChecking off the checklist rearranges the time management allocations. While refreshing the energy levels. And usually everything else in between.

Many people would report that, that in itself, would be a relief. However with the additional effort the inner you realises it is now Joyfully helping to build online family based business communities with other Autistic Adults. The vision is to  be independently in a community while also enjoying the inclusion of other people’s talents in the communities members accessible ‘self sufficient’ aspects. That means a collection of unique individuals, based all over the world. Not necessarily getting into each other’s personal spaces .

Go on give that alter ego a chance. See what change in perception, presentation and persistence comes with having that front. The real you behind your business may in fact not be an alter ego.  Instead, finding an alter ego in your business  may just be your real you emerging once again.

That alter ego the forerunner  of the business strategy, vision and mission statements.

How will you be using your Autism traits work in your favor to make sure that this time for your free business strategy works for you too?

Tap for resources
Tap for resources

The simple answer was to have hit the mobile phone above. The link is provided Susan Lewis who has used these resources on a daily basis.  Susan thoroughly recommends the resources as the nest she has ever found on the internet. These same business resources helped her create are seen here.

Susan saw how others were also adapting and changing at their own pace as they joined in. Give the link a go. Watch the videos.

Why Find An Alter Ego In Business
Meet up with Susan Lewis

Apply to come on through. Do all the modules and when your finished there that new world is only just beginning. In closure The link is supplied again here.

As a person, an entreperunner, a member of that family based business community whats your answer as to why find an alter ego in business?

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