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Why Is Living In A tree Similar To Overcoming Fear

Freedom to overcome fear

Freedom to be me! Just to be me!  Ever thought this way.  Then felt the doors close in and around you?
One difference between animals and humans is is the ability to think outside the box.  Add to this the reasoning behind the use of technology. Sometimes that technology allows us to have a different type of freedom.  A freedom of choice.
With the #digitallifestyle available today, many of the world’s people have fought hard to have gained the freedom to have access to the internet in some way.  Reaching out to find a group of people with similar interests as yourself is an everyday thing to many of today’s generations. Or is it?
 One primary thing that keeps people from taking an idea through to a passion and on into a viable business should they want to do so is F.E.A.R.  Simple : “a learned fear of fear that may put a hold to overcoming fear.”
 Are those fears making us to comfortable within the familiarity of life? It takes guts to branch out into different activities.  Taking a to thought through to a viable business venture takes time.  There will be doubts and fears along the way.   How much better would it be to be within a large international community that supports people, shows and trains them.  Allows the people within to make mistakes of their own choosing and yet still accepts the member’s to be one more valued unique individual within the circle of influence there?

Australia is like the internet when compared to overcoming fear.

 The internet has rabbit warrens [ tunnels].

  Checking out the scenery and ready to refresh themselves with the new growth.
That is the similarity with redoing the first four modules of the DEA’s complementary free training. In this case, this refreshing is a recharge the batteries time. With a makeover, the idea is to know what new members are being asked to do. The whole setup is  tested for user friendliness.
Places like the community groups… 90 day  Challenge Group remain a place to choose  to allow yourself to overcome fear of gaining a new skill. Meanwhile having the added benefit for some in that these challenges help extend what people think they are capable of. For some, they may earn and learn on the go. many times the reasons has been that the list of people who follow them has already been established.
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Special Report for a way to grow yourself the list as a start to  YOUR digital life
For others, it’s a case of know then branch out into gaining more knowledge, education and trust in themselves before they will try something else out.  This process you are introduced to in the Pretraining modules  Once you have checked the resources videos series first. Many questions were answered there for me.And many more after the second module was started.
Having a community within a larger community where you can make yourself at home within while being shown and then encouraged to add to what you already have is a’ hands on’ method of training. Like the Koala climbing through the tree branches one branch at a time. Then one day leaving that tree and going to another with confidence.

You just want to learn what you’re actually capable of. Knowing that it takes a lot of audacity to be capable of change, to brake out of your comfort zone. And through the challenges be inspired, creative, productive and slightly uneasy at times. You may discover that you want a new circle of influence for yourself.
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 If you feel like I do then let me help you

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