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Stop Overwhelm

To gain control back simply stop overwhelm

If nothing else it makes sense. .. I know that well.  Especially from the view of someone lucky enough to have an Autism perspective on life. Knowing that to stop overwhelm will influence many other decisions is not the point.  There are so many things and more and more information they either  assist , or confuse you totally.

To help stop overwhelm this is suggested.

First breath in.  Second breath out.  At this point this may be what you are most needing in order to stop overwhelm. It’s a simple little one of life’s tricks.  As a baby we learn this.  As fairywithmagicwand Stop Overwhelman adult we forget about remembering the process.   Take the time out just to have a little You time. Even if it is is micro time management slots.  Simple things like creating your own ME moments.

Or even at  make the bed times… breath in and then out. Move onto the next bed. Breath in and then out. Finish the bed making breath in and then out.  You see no one else can fo this for you.  You control this life-giving operation system.  Just the same as you control your mindset.  Through that the control of your time management and your finances. Not just once they are within your had.

So what time-saving measure would you encourage a person looking at replacing their income?  What  about lead generation and knowing that very quickly this can be learnt without breaking your bank account? Needless to mention to stop overwhelm at the thought of what mindset change is going on right now.

Admit that your life may be a mess at the moment.. yet in some odd way you are comfortable in your mess. Instead reach out of your comfort zone and start a new way of learning.

Choose one ‘stop overwhelm process’ and do that one thing for now.

Like all people we can all suggest different methods and levels of learning, or upskilling. One method is learning how to use one tool at a time. Just about everybody people know of have a list.  These days the web is so full of social media sites people are forgetting that at the back of the ‘pretty side’ of sending and receiving messages is the all but forgotten email address. The one where when you filled out the site name you sent added an emails too.

Believe me when I say that the social sites are saying thank you for forgetting this side of their site.  They are utilizing the contacts you have authorized them to have access too.   Yes you did otherwise you would not be able to have that social site access.  A fair swap?  You do all the promotion work for them and in return you get to give them access and ownership of all your pictures and contacts.

>Instead watch this video series.<

For a further $29,95 [US] cost go through the five modules. Absorb what you can.  Ask for time extra time should you know now what you want to explore more carefully.  I did.  Keep in mind any home and family-related financial costs. Some people just time things right.* [straight Talk Alert]  For most people realistically this takes a few years. So do not overcommit yourself. Just take the time to stop overwhelm and proceed to the next step.

I know this system of learning works.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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