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Right Now Know Where You Are Going

Right Now Know Where You Are Going – As A New Voice May Speak Out A New Truth

susan-lewis-05 Right Now Know Where You Are Going
Susan Lewis

People are just starting to buckle under the weight of the fast moving changes around them.  The traditional ones known about, and expected, were a birth, life in between with a moving on phase. Most people were ‘happy about this” as they knew no other.  Then a desire for change started with a dream, action and results. Finally change and the choice of more changes.

In this post Susan Lewis is in her office area. The topic covered in the video is based simply on: right now know where you are going in your life.  Your choices of what actions to undertake, who you are, who are the people around you and  how valuable these are to you.  

If there are  spiritual lessons or spiritual exercises within the post they would be of a practical, day to day nature.  More along the lines of know where you are in your mental and physical health.  Bring these into line along with the fitness levels.

Right now know where you are going today and get there today

Use things that could change you daily movement into a new, invigorated fitness level because right now know where you are going.  Start with going for a walk, then walk further, and for longer a little each week.

Initially you are going to lean on those old times-worn reflexes to stressful situations come up. Be aware of the secret that simply states ‘time worn stress related behaviour need not become everyday behaviour.” As you work towards a new method of reflex action those new steps have become your new behaviour anchor.  Yes even in times of stress.



Right now know where you are going – and move forward

In the video below Susan mentions the digital age going now into the super-human and methodology Robo age. Susan relates that a huge awareness and the need to know where you are going arose from the mid 20th century where many countries peoples were simply ‘isolated’.The isolated ones were ‘culled’ from the herds and others thought these people were culturally ‘foreigners’.

To relate this to marketing you now know where you are going. To have a dream is important.  To believe that that dream is part of a vision already completed is fabulous.   It’s as though you are at the end of that section looking back over the road map of life and seeing the imprints of the actions taken

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susan-lewis-05 Right Now Know Where You Are Going
Susan Lewis

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What is it about Susan Lewis?
Susan Lewis seeks out those who have to relearn to learn again through trauma related incidents. Especially those related to the Autism Spectrum OCPD traits [ Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder] through the head injury or injuries of Autism.

Why? The simple answer is Susan speaks from head injury in depth memory loss of the first thirty-one years of her life. The extent of which remained undetected for nearly a quarter of a century after the truck imploded into her life.  The Autism Spectrum side of life has quietly active all through Susan Lewis’s life.  Generations of trait’s have shown and been known of all through the families life.  To say that Susans seen it all may be a stretch of the imagination.  However to believe that what Susan relates to through her online experiences is a truism.

A second truth is that it is hard to some across someone who bridges the gap between medical and everyday ‘user’ experiences, is prepared to put these out there; online and openly.

Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be accepted.  The behaviour encouraged so as people have both rainbows and stars within their own needs and mindset changes.  Rainbows traditionally relate to the Promise.  And stars…. well everyone is a star within their own right.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

To land on a star needs an arrival time and date, enough fuel, lots of training and preparations. Actions that are consistent and flexible in the approach.  With the belief that achieving this is like chopping up a log of wood. Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

For me though when I watched one video, then another over and over again during a hyper-focused moment in time [ like three weeks] that gut feeling yelling “this is it!” sure was the beginning of a marvelous new journey into a future  where nothing was ever going to be the same again.  What a ride so far.   Some of the family are helping with tasks.  Others have chose not to participate.    The hunt is on to find other people to include their skills in the community we are building together.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

Write to susanlewis@susanlewismarketing.com and ask for these very special eye-opening marketing resources.

We will catch up again soon.

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