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Action that Graphix Promise

The whole idea behind when you make a Graphix promise and keep it is related to you here, in this post, by Susan Lewis.

With this post, Susan Lewis takes you through a few significant steps with her own Graphix promise. The initial one as you will read was made a few generations ago.  Initially, the Graphix Promise was to “use the pictures on a computer screen” that was tucked away in a friends main homeschool room. In 2014 the Graphix Promise changed into being able to create these Graphix. Now a third Grahix Promise has been achieved. Most of these stages had become a part of the digital marketing course that the graphix promise bloomed through. Read on to see the story illustrated.

ClipArt Change the virtual reality world

That single promise was first thought of way back in 1991 when Susan first came across ClipArt viewed on a small DoS screen in Bendoc. Officially classed as being in the isolated Victorian Mountain Range [Australia].

To homeschool, her children at the time meant many’line art’ drawings from magazines or books were recreated. Cut out and stuck in school projects. A few years later entered the frustrations that went with photocopying newsletters.

SusanLewisMarketing-ExploreTheVirtualHouse Action that Graphix PromiseVirtually the newsletters of today are of the online variety. Yes to the elimination of pieces of sticky tape and glue. Borderlines of one piece of paper on another. The use of whiteout paint in bucket-fulls has been eliminated.

Digital marketing fundamentals and banners are still strong

From 2014 the first logo was created. Actually, as a graphic creation tool, this one just had been updated and was in Beta testing mode.  So experimentation was all the go. And did the learning curve becoe steep! The greater the use the safer things felt to learn more. So more things were experimented with. Learned about . Then implemented.

Defiantly one of the Autism Symptoms in adults is learning to interprets these ‘newer safety zones’ post-traumatic shock impresses on the subconscious mind of the recipient. Typically one of the best ‘energizers Susan found was the emotional satisfaction reward for her own behavior management pulls.

Relate the Graphix Promise to the re-learning curve.

The simplicity of this ‘pull’ was knowing the end graphix result would be worth the learning curve.

The learning curve was steep as this was really the first tool ‘played with.’ Paint.net was fabulous. Gimp and three others were great. The experience was that what you learned off one you did on another.

The frustration was some graphix platforms ‘did not compute’ with the computer hosting one I like to use.

The Graphix Promise of Visual power is to be seen.

Overall there’s power in visuals. Its a quiet and subtle one. The call to action is directed by the eye. The one remembered was a dog asleep. Nothing spectacular but look closely and the call to action was the food bowl. Empty. With the brand name sitting on the packet next to the bowl. Even describing this that picture is right there in front of you. When you are familiar with dog food in packets on the shop shelf what colored one did you see in the empty dog bowl suggestion just now?

Dog, or not, the next time you are at a shop subconsciously there you are noticing dog food in packets remember the post you have just read. The power of visuals has a strong pull.

Respect the graphix promise as you use the tool.

So, Susan found that the first logo was all about the promise of understanding both herself. Through understanding herself, Susan understood also what was happening within her life. At times the use of the graphix created filled in the yearning to have simple beauty in place.

A myriad of rainbow promises where everyone was a star occurred. Creating the graphic needed to share quotes, to take the time to create ‘Moving Forward” statements in the form of front covers for the platforms.

Research, then implement the micro-used, very impactful Search Engine Optimizations skills of just these visuals. The same ones that literally built the bridge between sinking, or walking over the troubled waters.

Susan chose to get creative.

The situation is one where there were no local offers of support.

All the carefully created support offered by agencies dealt with the opposite situation that Susan’s family member found themselves in. End result was enforced isolation from the life that had been outgoing, had social and employment responsibilities and was lived before.

“Do the work.’ Find something worthwhile to loose yourself in. Totally enjoy yourself.  Susan found creative release here.

Actually, a virtual community of people who utilized the tools sets was there. The common denominator was what, and how to use these tools in order to create : ReachOuttoSusanLewisMarketing-e1563922453246 Action that Graphix Promise

Creative Graphix promise has a force of its own

So you can learn to do what becomes a creative force within you. That learning became a connection with pencils and paper at one stage. Traveling around became videos and photographs. Along with the pencils and paper. That stuff that starts to become locked up within you, the things that embarrass other people who are now awkward in your company, as you are flying against the deeply held views that people have grown comfortable by.

Just go in, use the tools, answer or ask questions. Click off. Come back again and again. You are welcome.

You are what you choose to accept.

Choose to be known for the fact you action your talents and gifts.

That you are known for what you do, not what is happening around you, my friend, is so powerful to someone who finds that there is a community that’s personal comments are outcome-based is remarkable.

In this case, it’s all about how you tackled that Graphix outcome to get the visual result.

susan-lewis-forSLM Action that Graphix Promise
Susan Lewis
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