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is a double opt-in

First when is a single or and a double opt-in #Not Spam

When you are building your list, the owner of the list had information and wished to share information. Visitors want the information. A good situation is when both have something the other wants. The viewer wants access to information. The owner of the information will swap this information for an email.

As late as 2015 many owners of the lists were not setting up the application process with a double opt in. That is the viewers trigger finger hits the yes key and before they have considered things through found themselves in a list that they really should have thought about. Even with each message or email sent stating something similar to “at the bottom of the page there is a place to unsubscribe…” too many people receiving the messages and emails just leave them to go unopened.

Between the viewer and the owner of the list, one of them should take action to stop the

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Tip into Practice using all the tools in the Digital Business Lounge, a complementing autoresponder with a corresponding  drive to take constant action and build your list.

unread emails cluttering up the internet highways with unwanted information trash.

Hence the double opt-in requirement of marketers who care.

The standard procedure is to send out “Hello do you still want to receive, and this is now what to do.” The no response is a delete response. Okay, the added incentive is that after a few months the emailer emailing something is then considered a spammer. Not a great situation for the email marketer to be in as the automated responder that sends out the information registers this unopen rate. Too many unopened and up goes the lists adverse impact results.

Therefore, is a double opt-in to a list a good thing?

In short: Yes. On all levels while in the back office setting the emails up the clicking of the double opt-in into a list is a significant credibility to all and everyone’s actions. Does the marketer really want tire kickers or litter bugs? No. Instead, the need is for proactive people who are genuinely interested in the information being sent to them. Interested enough that even if the time is not right for them, they will still reach out and share that information through to their friends online. Thus enabling the friends of friends to benefit.

Let’s walk you through the steps of what is a double opt-in used for.

This landing page will take a person through to a the Digital Business Lounge landing page. Having watched the video and read the information the viewer decides to place checkyouremailboxin2weekstime-400x315 is a double opt-intheir faith and trust in the owner of the landing page. MY a bout me PAGE THING here Your name and email is put in the boxes. This is simply as though you are ringing the door bell. A double opting notification is sent, and you simply think “Yes that is what I want to receive” and hit the button. Your name now goes through to a list on the other side email. Triggering off a welcome letter to you along with a thank you page. On one or both depending on the list a thank,  or a welcoming gift will arrive. Most often something that the writer of the email has created as there was a need seen or something that had been shared with them.

Further along past the initial stages through the emails are various other things that may be of interest to you. A quick glance having opened the email helps the viewer decide.

Where is a double opt-in disclaimer to go?

Of course, you are aware of the disclaimer that should be placed within your view. One that says something like the following: Scattered in various locations throughout the emails you up open may be promotions, products or information that has been or still is of use to myself, friends or family.

Sometimes with the provision of: … these gifts go to confirmed subscribers only.
Possibly along with ” You have received this email because you’re signed up to receive notifications from … ”

Why am I sharing the information about what is a double opt-in?

listbuilding-for-profits is a double opt-in
Special Report with the Fasted way to grow yourself the list I have found.

 When first checking into the marketing tools and apps affiliate marketers utilize I was experiencing extreme Autistic overload. What I did was put off getting to know the automatic responder and the emailing uses that one performs.

When did the fear go?  While mastering the WordPress101 website things a course came up. Straight away there I was emailed in the boxes, and a double opt-in appeared.  Click and read.  Half way through sorting through all the freebies, checking them out for myself, the realization of what I was doing hit me.  My learning curiosity was in there having fun and just experiencing something new. That new was an autoresponder with no fear attached.

Right here please note the back office staff have been a treasure to behold with all the assistance given. As I learned, there was so much social value over the past year the fear people had been deprived of.  Myself with the pleasure of hunting out and sharing the information and you, with the trust being given.

And that is it. The reason as to why I encourage you to come on board and build your list.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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Ready to practice saying yes with a double opt-in


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Welcome the me I had forgotten about

“No one saves us from oursleves.  No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Buddda.

“Every day we decide who we will be by the actions we take and the decisions we make. ” ~ Anon

“Anyone can put you on the right path but they can’t make you walk it, you have to make that first step and decide if you’re on the rioad to failure or success.”

” Always remember you are braver than you believe. Stronge than you seem and smarter thankyou think”  ~A A Milne.


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