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Own Vertical Banner

Own Vertical Banner – Created Own Vertical Banner And I’ve Done it. Seemed So Easy. Created my very own brand new, sparkling vertical banner. Something identifiable as my own. 

Found that create your own vertical banner is tricky to align. To create your own meant adapting everything right down to the pixel measurements for media pick up. Indeed the creative fun had just started.

But now the first was done. Looking back it seemed so easy to actually have created my very own brand new and sparkling vertical banner. Something identifiable to be my own. Vertical banners are tricky to make though.

That’s when  the fun started. In this post Susan Lewis shares some of the discoveries made.   Susan had hunted on the internet for clues.  Finally created her own guidelines to share within the developing true ‘banner makers’ community. People who want the personal skills developed behind the experience of creating their own vertical banners. Without the assistance of an app. To know you have achieved something vertical without the inclusion of another digital machine.

The basics of creating your own vertical banner

Be aware when creating your own vertical banner include these steps.  The steps are basic and will start banner making off for you.

Remember to choose a background color that suits the occasion. Banner placement, shape, pixel density versus load time, passive advertising such as color flow and message are all important.

Be aware that the need to minimize the width enough so the post will still pick the media up is important.  Media is what the picture is known as.

okaybanner9 Own Vertical Banner

So far the thinner banner has proved illusive.  The graphix placement alter with the reduction in size.

Okaygoahead1c Own Vertical Banner All this is a learning process that usually is enjoyed.

The size requirements … well I cheated and checked in the back office dashboard whereOneclaimnow1 Own Vertical Banner the affiliate Marketing banners are.

Points to consider creating your own vertical banner

Still as after months of hunting the choice was then not to continue hunting in the search engines for information creating these is a challenge  with which to overcome. Banner makers liked keeping their secrets.

Personally I believe there is a lot there to still learn.  Like what font to use.  Noted the vertical and horizontal lines within the fonts needs to be changed.

Back to the drawing board.  No I am not happy with the result so far.  However I have got this far.  Changing the font will take  a few minutes with the Graphix Creator.

A job for tomorrow.  Laughing as tomorrow was in five seconds flat.  There was just no way that this exercise was going to let me rest until it was completed. A job for tomorrow.  Laughing as tomorrow was in five seconds flat.  There was just no way that this exercise was going to let me.

Nearly completed own vertical banner

To finalize and achieve the end results it meant take a rest then start again until rest was completed.
You see three banners here.  The smaller one is the heaviest in pixels of the three.  The one on the left [ aka the biggest one] is pixelated. Definitely not the best looking of them all.

Now the one in the middle I rather like.  The text is not so pixelated.   From the look of it the banner will also just fit where the placement is waiting for it to plug into on the very skinny perfectly sized autoresponder column.  And yes I am really happy with creating Susan Lewis marketing’sown vertical banner.

Next time there are things still to experiment with.
So I published this post anyway  Which is just like me to do.

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