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4 STEPS STARTING your online system

Setting goals can sometimes be a difficult process so this article from Susan Lewis will bring you 4 steps starting your online system.   We’ll give you some valuable goal setting tips to help you not only set goals but achieve them as well in this post.

If you think about it, we people on the Autism Spectrum have to be brilliant multitaskers – kids, home, work, relationships, being creative, great leaders, and developers. We’re often so busy getting stuff done from the minute we wake up to the time our heads hit the pillow at night that we don’t have any time for ourselves. It took until the children left home, the empty nest syndrome to wean, and my then ex husband stated “I can’t wait to turn sixty-five and get a pension”. Over the coming months I realised just how much I had missed out in life. That I still was alive. And I had dreams and a vision. That vision definitely did not include looking forward to the being an old-age pensioner. There was a need for a lot more.

4 Steps To Starting Your Online System

Everyone has their own unique way of coping with new things so these 4 steps to starting your online system will come in handy. Especially as no two people are alike   Therein lies the challenge that Susan Lewis will cover over the next few posts.

At fourteen I met my husband to be. Years later we met again.  Travelling the world on yachts was his ambition.  Mine was to train as a registered trauma nurse and travel the world.  These dreams altered as we joined forces. And later as the children arrived.  Options of small business ventures came out way ahead.  Some we picked up and ran with.  Always our think patterns were totally different in their approaches.  Neither of us have forgotten the restless feet syndrome.

Are you both aligned on the same path?  With the same dreams?  Where within the dreams may they merge? There is a process. That process involved actioning  four steps.

  • Rough out the focus of your online system! 

dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo-285x400 4 STEPS STARTING  your online systemWork out the focus as the first of four steps to starting your online system. Back this focus up through planning the primary goals. Plan a few loose strategies.

How do you know what these are to be? Have you ever created a bucket list? One personal one and one for a business. Is this not similar to a business proposition? Even when your blog, or website is for private use, currently knowing what you would like to achieve has a different feeling once you actively breathe life into it.

Stands to include and achieve means that there are 101 things to wave something to write and share about. From the idea popping up to get placed on the bucket list in the first place… through to the inclusion, completion while sharing this along the way to being included as an overall part of the actioned plan. Now it is reviewed. Later included as part of the stepping stones concerning the concept compilation within another stepping stone.

  • Bucket list Your Online System.

For instance, the link will take you through to a bucket list written in 2014. A new bucket list  that involved the online system proposal reaching many more autistic peoples, and families and friends.

  • Your online systematic actionlist processes.

Action your way through the steps. Check and evaluated. Honest self-critique is of value. Of yourself. What has this step achieved! Where is it going and how far to go for completion of this sub-step. Considering with this thought step back. Take a look around .

  • Rule 1 : Do not give up.  Rule 2: Refer rule ONE.

One of the things that I have learned over and over again while in SFM was too just keep going.  Along the way revise what is working and what needs to be placed to one side.

Focus on  ‘a very few things’ at one time.  And one step at a time you begin to see what an extraordinary Online Business you have started Up.

As important is that should what you plan to do today overwhelm you then downsize that days expectations. Now take action; Wash rinse and repeat with the belief. then the knowledge that the systematic process has worked.  Is working. Will move your forward.

  • Added bonus that I found incredibly helpful :
    • Something that helped me to start living a joyful life of freedom.  And today as I type these words here the realisation of just how far the community behind this community has helped me through thick and thin…. up. downs and turnarounds as this website template was built upon, and populated, with posts that people do read, feel at home with and take notice of..

Where it took me sixteen years to find a community that was prepared to share, care and be there this community has developed and reaches all around the world, is open 36524/7 and is available as long as you have internet, a device asd are a member.

Reduce the time frame set out 4 STEPS STARTING  your online system the old way would take. !

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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit with these 4 steps starting your online system

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Come with me into the 4 steps starting your online system


Susan Lewis

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