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Hearing “Sweet its in the bag” again was a shocker.  Television in 1974 in New Zealand had a show called “It’s In The Bag” but that was literally a long time ago hearing that.

When a friend in England has the cheek to mention that the British literally sent the Australians home with their tail between their legs from a World Cup Cricket series guess what the response was? A smile sweetly, and a little glint in the eye, from this part of the Great Southern Continent.  Cause unknowingly Cricket is in the bag here in Australia.

Confectionery or Sweet ! It’s In The Bag

Sweet ! It’s In The Bag.

Cricket is played from the “Back of Burke and beyond!”  Cricket mates starts from playing in the backyard.  Moves onto the streets and family picnics.  Outings on the beach, river side or community get together’s.  Practiced within the cow paddocks. The wickets painted on the empty rubbish recycling bins.

All the hype and hull-a-baloo is yet to gain momentum begins with subtle suggestions. Subtle suggestions reinforced with passive advertising.  One look at the packaging and ‘ Arr’ memory lane taking that stroll through the by gone years. Nearly tempted to purchase just for the fun of what may be in the packet.  Encompassing so many affiliate marketing skills learned seeing the cricket mates packet  even brings together the Australian National Pride.  The Green and the Gold.  What do you reckon a Mate?

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Sweet  Its In The BagOnward to meeting at the Gabba or MCG.

Australian Cricket where lives are absorbed as people gather and watch that well placed ball. Just duck and that to is sweet. It’s in the bag mate. Australian Cricket has fans gathering from all over the world to meet a group of mates who travel to the Gabba each year dressed as different characters to celebrate both cricket and their ongoing friendship.

People, openly acknowledged fans, travelling to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, aka MCG, with this wonderful set of Cricket fans. Just to see a fantastic team win in person taking days off from work for a snatched bit of leisure.  In amongst the hats of Green and Gold will be the odd blue one when ever the Brits came to play down under.

Keep a look out for this years International Cricket match between Australian and England tickets on sale. Should you be that Mad Cricket Fan whose boss needs you at work so he can watch the cricket match consider the future of your employment options.

Know It’s sweet. Its in the bag that cup

SusanLewisandLogo Sweet  Its In The BagAnd the beautiful this about being online is that there are somethings that “Get Your Goat.”  Me I plan to purchase a packet of confectionery on the day.   You got it.  ‘Cricket Mates’. Just because I sure can appreciate the marketing  behind the international teams butting their heads together.

Cricket 2017 Australian verses England. Starts with the one day match of England verses Australia in a one -fifty match. Playing in Townsville way up north Australia.

Yip!  Sweet its in the bag is a terrific form of a supportive business bring forward a health competitive spirit via passive advertising for Cricket.

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