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Viewing the world through a persons eyes as they realize they are paying back Government sponsored student loans on a “forever’ timeline is easier to do when you have been in this position.  To be Government indebted usually means there is an invisible yolk around the neck.  To truly see through eyes that have been there, done that!  is to realise there is a huge gap between those a) wanting the education, to b)  those now actively becoming further indebted and c) to people working at paying back Government sponsored loans .

Be fair paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Between the Government ‘fairly’ wanting the cash back into their coffers recycled enabling  still others to line up in the que of people needing that precious loan.  To the business  wanting to capitalize on the newly qualified. Employ a person uncertain of the workplace highrackie.  One who has little processed interaction, ie an innocent graduate of that higher education, who really has no clue of their own dollar value to the employer.

A startup employee who has minimal personal respective time versus a graduate, who has experience to knows what they are after to fill their vision.  The people who make the effort now vying for achievement recognition that is different for everyone of us.

Integreaty-is-back Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansOne rhetorical hook of a questions is the old often stipulated with that invisible ‘sigh” inferring whatever we want it to be. Usually is “Is all this loan verses education advancement and effort worth it?” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into an alternative highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where since molehills stood. To jar the mind into knowing that success often depends on how you honor what is owed and how then people actually look at things.

Paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Stop for a moment, relook and reassess the attitude towards paying back government sponsored student loans.  The honorable thing is to accept  that loan needs to be paid. Then to work the butt off until the loan is paid.

Wait on a minute.

 Ask: does the Government think like me, an employee, or is the Government thinking like a business?  Governments think like businesses.  Governments have to.  Primarily because there is only a certain amount of cash flow to go around.  Admit it…business support each other.

Business primary aim is its stockholders. Keep the stockholders happy.  Efficiently so too is the Governments. Here’s the crunch… a Government’s stockholders are the businesses

Now take another look at that student loan. The one that has people stuck in a job that consumes their time and deleats the quality of life.

By the time the people who are repaying the paying back to the Government sponsored student loans by going to work, this tends to swallow up more of the wages than was anticipated and for longer than you thought possible.

Keeping any monthly payments at a reasonable level is only one of the factors to consider  with any countries Government sponsored student loan.

Four ways of paying back of Government sponsored Student loans

There are four ways that are convenient and efficient for all involved when you need an out of the student loan situation.

  1. The first discover another way forward which is what we have in this post.
  2. The second is to die [ not a great option ].
  3. And the third escape from the country never to return.
  4. The fourth to reinvent the wheel. Run a side business that slowly becomes a JOB in disguise. But hey pass enough turn over and the loans that are now business related may become a tax deduction [possibly].

The first and fourth ones have been dominant experiences of mine.

Ways of paying back of Government Sponsored Student Loans

The second has occurred when truck impacted into the vehicle I was driving in 1991. At a time when the business was moving forward.  There were zero loans of any type. Without the loans to pay back, though life was definitely one of a certain amount of freedom. The truck impact brought with it a major set of disconnect into exploring a sense of self, all by itself.

Resulting in a continuous  disjointed action replay.  Over and over again. Until something would give and the mind allowed the blockage of things through.  Usually resulting in high alerts for meltdowns, or major overloads. These in turn resulted in sleep attacks.  Later what was found to be a form of ” Brain Function Freeze.”

Honour The Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

By doing the honor of  Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student loans there probably are tax advantages. Through the creation of a business, especially one that helps throughout the community, there are great advantages.

tapforresources Paying Back Government Sponsored Student Loans
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Why not pay it forward one more time to the benefit of the people in your community.  Consider this:

If you want your fellow relatives, friends and community members to gain benefits of you taking on that loan you are indebted to paying the loan back.  Then you have to create jobs for those people who are either finishing, going through or waiting for higher education.

Now what happens to the people if the community that supports them is able to reach out and teach, show and include different aspects of education, training and upskilling in the interim.

Make The Best of Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

One thing that makes sense with the paying back of government sponsored student loans is to create the best advantage point you can and go through with actioning the dream all the way to the end.

That’s where the seven day video series comes in real handy.  And in this video series you will see with your own eyes the basic steps, gain a knowledge basis, that all affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired knowledge basis. A stepping stone towards their desired lifestyle. The video series you are about to see is incredible.

After watching the video series some of the people I now have reached the lifestyle they desired quickly.  Using their skills, and talents to the best of their ability.  Others have taken another digital lifestyle approach.

SusanLewisandLogo Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansBlaze a trail of inviting other change-makers and visionaries who are passionate about making a change  as they take the bold action and make a major fast forward thinking change on the world. While you discover how you can live a life of joy with a digital business as person on the Autism Spectrum.

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To have that enjoyable aspect in life as you achieve your lifestyle choice is amazing.

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