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Sharing a hand full of balloons, sitting there setting goals, or even smiling, can easily be a made into a fun and amusing  process.  All that is needed is a photo, access to graphic tools and additions. Add a bit of creativity  and pictures start to look absolutely gorgeous and fabulously beautiful.

Graphix may be considered as soft advertising material.  But for visual people as many non analytical people are on the Autism Spectrum these modest steps in growth beginning to accumulates and some impressive, highly graphix displays eventuate.

Sharing a hand full of balloons is like passing on a mind full of happiness.

Smiles-are-4-free-100x-200 Sharing a hand full of balloons
Smiles are free just like a floating balloon

Suddenly you feel like you are creating some fabulous displays that you want to use on Google, Facebook and any other platform. And into creating specialized virtual cards with those stunning graphic you go.

Impressive for any very new beginner to just graphix everything in site. Get so focused you forget to stop. Step by step new graphix were created. Very soon came the organise the files to be made.  With the message if create all the graphix you want things get real tempting to keep going.

hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons Sharing a hand full of balloons
Check out which landing page has this graphix embedded into it!

Background exploration took on a new meaning. With more pictures created. Now what do you do with pictures, quotes, logos, banners, front covers, pinned posts, notices and even landing page graphix.?

In depth transformations take time. Practice and follow through. Adapting the new skill sets just discovered takes time. Make this fun just by choosing a background, adding your picture, literally clicking a button called “save” and download.

Take a little extra creative motivation into this day with resources to come your way: See the booster video resources. Get your marketing aligned with the itch to be creative..


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