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Seeing the results of YourTubePlayer with : Just ‘basic’ requirements gives a control format to work with.  The things I have chosen to have changed from the basic set up options are below.  Each different outcome has what has been changed included below it.

Autoplay =No, Show Info = no, modest Branding = yes,  Loop = no, Controls = yes, Keyboard Controls = no,  Auto Hide Controls = yes, Full Screen = Yes, Suggested videos = No, Disable YouTube [ definitely] no.

Emails are scrumptious

Background boarder size  = 1,  Add your color choice.

Emails are scrumptious

Margins 1 Boarder size = 1

Background boarder size  = 1

Emails are scrumptious

Under Styling Options: Background boarder size = 1,  Boarder color = 5C21FF,

Emails are scrumptious

Under Styling Options: Background boarder size = 5,  Boarder color = 5C21FF,

Emails are scrumptious

Margin top and bottom removed


With regard to adding Aweber code into the picture.  Below are Some of the same views above.  This time there is an Aweber code within the equation. The one used is the Minimal Theme. Reduced to its barest size.

Emails are scrumptious

Java script code

 Woops! I think I shrunk the sizes of this Aweber signup form to much.
Emails are scrumptious

displays Seeing the results of YourTubePlayer

Raw HTML code and still not quite seeing the results of YourTubePlayer that suit my idea.

Somehow I am thinking of removing the Aweber codes in the YourTubePlayer.  I have not returned the original code back into Java script.

It’s only a matter of time and I will have gone through all the Aweber Templates.  One has to be there and be able to be manipulated so as to incorporate what it is that I want to achieve.

However seeing the results of a combination of Aweber Templates and YourTubePlayer displayed like this sure lets me know what end code I want the YourTubePlayer to be producing.  To that point YourTubePlayer exceeds my expectations.

Have a lot of fun with how you present the presentation of your next video.  Information within this post is for both frustrated committiee people, [ or parents] as well as for Autistic people who need to experience and find out more about pushing what you do out there.  So go ahead and enjoy your day.

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