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People respond to different colors, the deep tones, brilliance or the paleness of each differently. Harmony and balance are some intuitive levels also taken into consideration.  Events within our lives elicit different behaviours that people around us respond to. Different colors have different vibrations.

Okay what works for one person will be seen uniquely through the eyes of another person.  Hello I’m Susan Lewis.  Responses to colors have fascinated me for a long time.  First notably occurring when barefoot and in kindergarten as the local public halls wooden floor was “Painted by barfoot children” who happened to follow the leader as she experimented with the texture and visual stimulations of color paint.  To say the kinder teachers were in agreeance with everyone experimenting as I was… could be a bit of an understatement!

1111111ab respond to different colorsEarly 1970’s the main Chakra centers were introduced into my life. The fact that colours could represent different areas of energy levels, well that too was a strange concept to think about.

Fast forward to a few years ago. Susan Lewis Marketing site was thought of. Colors to choose were perplexing.

Having literally zilch exposure to the HTML color charts, The complementary colours and color wheels. What numbers represented what color and the effects these brought on was definitely a new area to explore.

Of course things seemed to take way longer because there I was procrastination occurring. Simply loving colors meant there were fun things to explore. How people respond to what you create could largely be affected by what colors are utilized in the graphixs created.

Considering the “let’s be creative with the Autism” was in full swing at that time a further introduction to the GraphixCreator became a highly sensitizing challenge. How to use this wonderfully high definition tool to the best advantage popped up. What did any business need but a logo.

slm000020 respond to different colorsWhat developed was a logo. The first logo for Susan Lewis Marketing.

Fast forward to January 2017 and a site review. That’s when the realisation that many subtle personal growths had occurred. Each one was reflective within what was now happening.cropped-SLM_Logo respond to different colors

Today I’m looking at the Main Chara chart in front of me and I see every color within the 7 main Chakra areas represented within the Susan Lewis Marketing logo.


Now the corresponding meaning behind the colors within the logo have been coordinated and things are visually making sense.

Combine these color representations with the personal belief that “everyone is a star” in their own right and now there are stars floating over and within the graphix.

Check into how you respond to different colors around your home.


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