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Roughly ‘there is an unknown percent’ of people with neurobiology trauma. Anyone on either  the allistic or the Autistic Spectrum may fall into the neurobiologico category.

What this post covers is an introduction to the topic ‘intraconnection’ neurobiological trauma. In this case the “Intra” being ‘inside or within one person.’ That is about how the person whose life is viewed ‘regrouped, and re-learnt to learn ‘ through a combination of brain injuries combined with Autism Spectrum traits.

A person who has the experiences, understands the old ways of traditional family life, plus has a connection of people 365/24/7 who are there. That person is Susan Lewis. Having  lived an isolated life there is now a light for others  to spot and follow. To move forward with without placing anyone under a microscope to be analyzed.

Note please that although many people with neurobiology trauma are now classed as invisible to the statistics they are there  Secondly, there are many lost people who know that the way to a) a life with greater joy is through the online digital and post digital life. and b) to connect within themselves the logical head felt thoughts and c) turn these thoughts into feelings and .emotions.


People with neurobiology trauma communicate on different levels

How many people with neurobiology trauma  people are there within the marketing world would who would benefit from being included in full scale one to one communication in written format, video creation or conferencing, learning modules, challenges, weekly webinars. The list just gets bigger.

In everyday life in order to fully use communication, any communication method, the neurologically challenged people find to communicate fully with allistic,  just either a hassell or a creative communication challenge.

The fact that even attempting the challenge to communicate is far greater than just getting out there and ‘doing it’.

In this series of blog posts Susan Lewis introduces you to a challenge working out how, and then keeping the communication open, honest, helpful and to the point?  The method Susan Lewis uses involves a part of her journey.  One that incorporates both her experiences as a person on, and, with what people refer to as falling into neurobiology trauma and of course living a life on the Autism Spectrum

Neither of these ‘classifications’ define who or what Susan is. Except they do make it easier for a common ground to be explored, rendered helpful to others in the same boat, their loved ones, or the carers and officials within people’s lives. Also the general community at large.

When you keep reading through the links incorporated many more rabbit holes to explore become open.  And like all the people on the Autism Spectrum Susan knows that when those loopholes appear to the person on the Autism Spectrum seeing these a) you are now ready to receive the information so b) to receive the information  go investigate.  And the age of the post does not matter because there is something there that your inner self has determined it knows is valuable for you to find. That your mind will grab hold of it, retain and digest this information, probably mislay it when filing and when ready out will come this connective piece to an invisible jigsaw piece.

Amazingly when this happens so many things begin to fall into place. Mini distress signals, those meltdown moments, opps another overwhelm of the freeze feeling appear on the seens as just another day in “intellectual paradise’.  Yes all these have been written about from Susans Unique and individual perspective.  Note please that Susan is not a professional.  What Susan has eight generations of known people on the Autism Spectrum behind her family tree, a wide thirty year plus in various community groups, experienced and professional peoples and mentors to fall back on.

As well as the internet, digital equipment and an vastly inquisitive analytical mind.  Susan wants, needs and demands answers from the source. And believe me these appear. Are translated into how they have influenced the experiences to be communicated to you in a ‘visual virtue storyteller’ way.  That is Susan communicates in story format on the internet and in person.

Seen from the standpoint of neurobiology trauma,  combined with Autism Spectrum traits, simple everyday communication processes have been an interesting challenge.  Add the opening of the spiritual gifts into the mix  lets just say there was interpersonal learning to be included. Ummm are you really meant to just go up to someone and blunty come out with “You have [whatever].”

There were zero rules after a truck impact. There also were zero of life’s memories after the truck impact. Yet there were responsibilities to perform, [ like raising children for instance] .  Yet how to communicate when your head is still cloud hopping and having fun in “heaven” and your feet don’t know where the ground is to walk on.  Like was stated earlier these links are written from Susan’s own unique viewpoints of coping and of coming through the other end enough to communicate these intensely private things with others who are in that isolated place trapped within their intellect. Through to when the brain connects to the heart and that beautiful, peaceful feeling that knowing true ‘self’,  love and worth is about. For sake if ‘diplomacy’ let it be known that Universal Laws to Susan mean one thing, whole to others this Universal Law description means another.

Whatever the Spiritual effect that comes through into life with the ‘allocation process’ with  those Autism Spectrum gifts there is in its splendor a Universal Law that covers it.

Underlying all things seen in this post there is one guiding principle.  That of communication.  Communication with others, self. Also between the head and the heart. Deal with it.

Communication generally with the self is seen to be a uniquely unfriendly process. Whether marketing ones “self” or an item there are things to look out for.  That is where this website come in handy.  Since you are still reading this post go to the Bookmark or Favorite bar and bookmark this site.  Refer often.

Themes covered relate to common trouble spots found when looking for; and building an Autistic Online and Living it presence.  Especially one for a person who has to Relearn to Learn everything to achieve those Savvy End Results with 101+ Resources Available.

On that here are a few tit bits of whats available: they include finding a mentor who will listen, being able to face the challenges, knowing how to deal with the changes, work their way through these challenges, keep on keeping on and moving forward to experience the joy of coming through the other end.

In this …. you will learn insider strategies to help your take control of your mindset change plan and so much more.

Welcome to the woman in business who is Susan Lewis and is sharing her personal experiences and knowledge with people with neurobiology trauma who also happen to be on the Autism spectrum .

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