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Past The Politicians Sent –  People Are Not Happy As In The Past The Politicians Sent Others To War And Everyone Else Struggled With Loss

People are not happy as in the past the politicians sent them, and / or their loved ones to war. Then came the depression that always followed. Financial depressions to the effect of everyone losing something. Second one was the quiet depression.  Caused through trauma. In many cases just leaving to go unprepared into the battle-field areas cause trauma.  Back home the loss of family structures had become community structure loss.  The effects of which had the “pebbles in the pond ripples”
In this post Susan Lewis looks into how families within communities are coming together to create a future out of the Government system that gives a sense of purpose, a future and develops an independence of the accepted systems. Giving examples of how the tide has turned and suggests some tools and actions to help people in this situation. Noted also that while in the past the politicians sent  people into these situations the current trend is to give back into the community  something  to aid recovery. Something easily accessed using the internet, that has touched their lives and has been helping others.

Cause And Consequence of the past the Politicians sent…..

Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident In The Past The Politicians Sent
The impact of a gravel track and trailer into my Nissan Urvan in 1991 has tan until 2014 to really start to be sorted out.

Historically when those in power created war situations past the politicians sent ill-equipped people into war. Unlike today’s communication systems even a telegraph a knock at the door sent dread rippling through the homestead. Today those messages are basically the same. Lost in action was just as bad as any other.

 Today’s society has the same effect where people on the Autism Spectrum are concerned. The people who think they are normal are wondering why others within the family chain are getting diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum name tag.   And the numbers per capita are increasingly increasing! Partially because the loose generalisation of “Autism is a conceptual disassociation from what is happening around the person”

Secrets are past. The politicians sent scare tactics out

Secretes are meant to be things of the past where politicians are concerned. Rightly so people  are still concerned about the community structure that is meant to assist their cognitively challenged members independance  and input into society.
Interestingly as the family structure was rebreaking in the early 1970s as women’s rights were being heard all through the world  a family structure was already forming.  Rather than put up with now adult children from returnees that no-one recognised , or knew what to do with medically [other than medicate the person.] the woman were demanding rights far removed from the suffragettes thinking.
rethinktraditionalemployment-243x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

Actually no: the woman demanded fair and equal treatment. A fair days work for a fair wages packet. families needed certain things… like a roof over their heads. Food on the table.  And money to pay the bills.

Both the family and the country suffered through financial gain as it would help the next generations. What the men were unable to achieve … in stepped the women.
Financial gains and losses. Stock market crashes and ill health one would think that by now the politicians would have got rid of the old ones. The ones who were on the front lines seeing the carnage. But no. Here is just another aspect of keep the slaves to the economy down and kick them while they are there.

Lessons learned from the past with Politicians.

In the not to long ago past past the politicians sent a financial message to the older folk. One that efficiently stated they were not counted as worthwhile to society any longer.
So if you are over, or close to the age of 65 [ born in the error of those that went to fight in the Vietnam War] your are stepping into this new fighting ring. We all know that there are often funds allocated for when changes that are not going to be appreciated come into play.
Hurt_People_hurt_too In The Past The Politicians Sent
Know that you are loveable!

The City of Ryde in conjunction with the Department of Human Services [Center-link] are ‘working together’ because the 2016 pension asset test has started effectively changing the full, or part payments, for the Old age pensions payouts. Planning and prepaying for a funeral is one way to minimise the off shoots for this. It’s a given that one is a way out. However how many funeral and life insurance policies are cancelled by the companies for non payment .

Especially when there are times of financial stress happening. Expect to see free Seminars and information gatherings in order to swallow more of the pensions away. Covering of course the aspects that Centerlink are told to release. Look into the Australian history as to why the age pension was introduced in 1909.  The reason behind this was to meet the needs of people who lived longer than expected.
Also happening was the young men had marched away to war.  Many unable to look after their family members should they have arrived back on the Australian shores.

Politicians values Hidden in the past. 

Post Traumatic Shock was considered a disease.  Something to be hidden under the carpet.  Not ever acknowledged. How times have changed.  Or have they?ptsdisnotabout-400x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
As time has gone by more and more people are living a fuller healthier life. Well past their retirement time. Oh yes planning and paying for your own memorial will also minimize the Pensioner Assets test requirements.
Many times the belief is that people need to get real. Acknowledge where the weaknesses are and push forward from there. People with a message had little voice.  People with a lot of social clout were not fully aware of what was happening at the social ground floor level.
In the past when politicians retired they were ‘recycled’ into lower political areas such as regional committees. Alternatively into business consultancy. Either way the circle of influence built up over years spread throughout many community areas.
As the intergenerational families kept growing around these community central figures how could a person not become aware of what was happening. As an example in 2000 ” Beyond Blue‘s” pivotal growth came through a retired politician [ Jeff Kennett]
Beyond Blue is there to provide support and information on anxiety, depression and suicide.  Much of this information is found online. Immediate contact is available. Outlying community groups have sprung up.
Similarly Autism groups are fostered under Neighbourhood and Community Houses. The one I went to today had eight chairs around the table in a small room. The conversation flowed.  And it seems that after the school holidays everyone will bring one piece of vegetable.  They go into a cooking pot and soup is made.   The idea is to bring through conversation.  From conversation friendship and support  that moves back through the community.
SusanLewisandLogo In The Past The Politicians SentAnd slowly the online presence will be created  ensuring the community group’s voice creeps back in to the surrounding homes, businesses, and other community events.
Thankfully the internet, and access to a wifi devise, means what you are interested in is fully able to be passionately shared. Other people then can find the support you and others offer.  Even if its a person looking for a free cuppa, a soup and a piece of toast.  Bring on the cook post and BBQ, the conversations starters and simple friendship.  Invite a retired politician as well.

Just take the tools you have and simply put them to work for you.  See the results as pretty fantastic. I think you all will be surprised at how being part of these communities will work for you.

Yes. I want to hear from you! What do you think about this process? Leave a comment below about how helpful you have found past politicians are when sent back into the ground roots of your community.


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