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How does past experiences relate to working smarter not harder.

Susan Lewis writes all over the web.  The  mission is to relate to people so that the assimilation and integration of people into the High Functioning Autism spectrum have another advocate.  Essentially including people interested via broadcasts that may be shared around to friends, others and family.  Information that is relatable to many as this is written by someone who has had over fifty years worth of living on the Autism Spectrum. Along with generations of extended family members.


  • writing  journal entries is one way as this is reaching out to people. While sharing some of  life’s influences with the High Functioning Autism. Not many people are and will even think of relating this type of information to others
  • Much time gets spent organizing other people to assisting where and when they can. Although many people have High Functioning Autism few are really ready to relate to others about their experiences.
  • More importantly people on the spectrum know one way and becoming baffled when exposed to other ways of doing things.  For instance to join social platforms an email address gets submitted.  Yet few people ever open emails of the messages that stream through.  So what happens  to these messages and why have them is a puzzle rarely thought about
  • Hey there are Tweet and Google buttons  available but besides this there are so many platforms to post on.  Would you help please advocate and  assist.
  • Then the ‘working wise’ part changes the bio and the profiles of many of the profiles with up to date and current information.  Check the contact details out as this link will get you through to the list of them.

Yet all this begins with a simple email. In reality what is done with emails becomes an online solution  Reading a report brander seems a small price to pay for creating your future potential with finding that significantly  better solution in mind. Hit the banner below and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.

Honestly, I did not know what to do with emails at all.  After reading the Report Brander there was a rush to organise to get things started.

Yes there was a different sort of work involved. And yes overcome the inhibitions of sending something that someone applies for. Find so much fun in creating and including what may help the receiver.  The focus being on giving people value. Simply swapping that value for their reading time.

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