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Secrets are behind everything that is done, so if you could copy all the secrets within the online world where would you go?  A similar thought occurred as the dealings of wikileaks got underway.  In real day to day life however the focus was more on how to reach out into the community and bring people to the meetings and events the local Girls Guiding  members were having.

micromanaging-is online doing something you love
What is a Micromanaging challenge but being online doing something you love !

Hi there.  My name is Susan Lewis.  When you are “In the moment  online, doing something you love  to do, either time glides past. Or, there are frustrations that build up and answers needing to be sort.  And fast.

Its been generations since the introduction of this computer filing system that has seen so many changes.  For full integration  into today’s community development processes it appears now a basic requirement to have an  attitude change.  Effectively micromanaging online. Doing something you love… have grown to see the value of.

Online transparency is important 

Before transparency online… doing something you love was like the wild- wild-west.

Putting this into context the transparency time frame was happening before the wikileaks unfolded. When Commodore computers were around Windows Microsoft programs were just taking over DoS.  If the homes had a computer probably children were playing “Pack Man” rather than utilizing  spreed-sheets and documents.  Behind the screens people starting to have a fledgling income online were busy micromanaging data and management systems.

Programs were written for corporations . Education systems were learned through hours at a physical school environment.  And then came the community behind Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Co-founders of the Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors.  Two entrepreneurs with the desire to show people what to do with the internet.  As the internet changed then so did what the community garnish with getting their message out there.

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When online doing something you love things change

Knowing how to make a great living online doing something you love is one thing. Sharing the knowledge with a group of people whose goals are the same as yours is an incredible experience.

Working online is often considered socially unacceptable. Especially if you have no idea where to start. What people are looking for is a way of moving forward.

Searching for a helpful video series teaching the revolutionary grassroots ways and has the capacity for sending signals out while sorting out big problems and finding out big solutions.

SusanLewisandLogo online doing something you loveSimilar links are sent out to others. Something that would allow a change in attitude to occur.

See What Arrived in The Email.

Behaviour management, mindset and life pattern actions began. Changes occur over time.

Now my workplace is where-ever it happens to be, with what ever happens to be happening.  You could have this too but it takes action and commitment.  Are you ready?

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