As an affiliate marketer, having the Pinterest account verified sure makes hours of input well worth it.

big-tick Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Being Pinterest Verified is a TICK in the right direction!

Love the Verification of the @cve4mejournal Pinterest Account.

Wippee!!!! the Pinterest site is now associated within this site. Even better than seeing the proof of verification was the recognition of a lack of fear.

Moving forward as another one of the goal setting strategies were now being ticked off my long list of things to achieve.   Besides I  LOVED seeing a red checked ticked off confirming that this Susan Lewis Marketing website is verified.


After placing a few social contact sites on the bottom of a post the realisation was that the Pinterest one was taking people to the site yes. The webpage URL needed changing. So into the change area went I.

Oh boy!

Now that process involved verification. Googling the question just meant I came up with technical know how and that left me confused.

So much data is out there on the web these days. A fair percentage is jargon filed and could

Bright-idea-on-handheld Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Bright Ideas soar high.

be so far out of date the translations between what is needed to know and the confusion caused leaves me wondering where to get the information. Yes, the HTML may be the language of computers. However, the knowing the html as language has a potential is only now just starting to sink in.

A week ago I was finding out [via YouTube] what the parts of the webpage were. There was the Header area and then body area. The #body was #content and the content was divided into #nav and #main. So that would have eliminated a huge area to search through. Thing is it was even easier than this when the time came.

This is what happened

and why I was so grateful to the a YouTube video that just showed you what to do.  The presenter spoke clearly and slowly. 

Next step was to copy and paste the Meta Tag that was supplied by Pinterest. The instructions involved going into the WordPress site and finding the head [ or the equivalent]. This step meant that I had to edit something or other. Simply find the head and place the meta code somewhere there. Somewhere between the beginning and the end of the header Seemed simple enough. Just where was the head located? Would I place it somewhere that would totally muck up the WordPress site again?

One sigh and a deep breath later. The thought was… Susan with your High Functioning Autism you are a visual learner. With a touch of  Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder[ aka  OCD] just for good measure  the  web side of things …. well they either have to be ‘right’ or I will leave them alone. Which I must admit has left a lot of unfinished business on-line.  Thing is, the web is not much different to home. When something is to be done… do it right.

Advances in the search process!

So onto YouTube search engine and check things out simply. The course work that I had been doing nine months ago had shown me about the buyers cycle. The questions you ask the search engines reflecting where you are on the buyers cycle. The first question was a bit loose and all sorts of answers came up. Thought about it again and this “How to add Pinterest verification code to a WordPress header” then tried again with ” add Pinterest verification code to a WordPress header”. Rather than asking a general question the one asked became more specific.Much closer to actually finding the answer I was searching for.

Up came the following URL How to verify your Blog with a Meta tag from Pinterest for Business and step by step [ and a few times pushing the stop/go button ] did the verification of the Blog with a Meta tag from Pinterest for Business get sorted out.

Reading the description for the video I realised that what Mel stated was true.

  • “If you are using a Blog you may have found that it hasn’t got either a Pinterest Site Verification field nor a Website Verification Services header in the tools area so the Meta Tag has to be added to your Themes header. php file. or in your Themes settings where it allows you to add scripts in the header”.

The fact is that I was not in the wrong… there just was not the thing I was looking for.

The only thing was that the video was created in 2013. WordPress has updated the themes. Therefore, one or two placements were a little off kilter. These were  sorted out.

From that moment  –> forward things went!

Verified within 5 minutes from start to finish while the video was playing. Yessss this felt good.

The site has now been verified … and I actually recognise what the html meta tag is – to look at anyway.

Yes! progress has been made on those two fronts… Now you may be asking yourself why I amn sharing this with you.  Before I started through the BootCamp I had had the Pinterest account for over three years.  Had not known much about Verification… other than it usually involved money!  Therefore having purchased a domain name and hosting it the identity verification had already been made.  I just had not clicked until I filled in the site name associated.  Believe me, that is a terrific feeling.  One that is shareable to those that want to find out what to do.


susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

P.S.  Yes when I look back I started with the Six Figure Mentors I had been functioning on survival automation mode for years. Not having to think meant no new challenges either.  I’m rather enjoying these challenges.  Just one challenge at a time and there is a very low overwhelm occurrence.  Comparatively very few meltdowns.