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Enlightening how “make the most of a life skill set have “big words” like “psychosocial competencies.” Attach a simple everyday meaning to translate into everyday people’s language and people, like you, or me, may even know what the article they are about to read actually means.

Relearning to learn after a truck imploded into the van I was driving many years ago was a continuous challenge of relearning.


Hello I am Susan Lewis. That truck was a huge “heart stopping moment.” Radical continuous changes happening for years afterward. Balance within life, life’s meaning, what the heck am I doing here, and who am I moments flashed past.

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Ready for Take-Off of own free will?

Life is a precious gift to make the most of. A life skill once learned is retained within the memory. After a major brain shaking impact what may be lost is the ability to connect the past with the future. Literally as there is not now moments occurring. Therefore there are no “hooks” to hang anything on.

Using the interconnected life experiences here as examples of “hooks” ¬†being used to pull forward past memories to connect with every day “Here and now” experiences we move forward.

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Our oldest daughter started in the local Delegate Brownie Guides. The handbooks meant not much as I was not a Brownie Guide. But the badges were recognised. I was a New Zealand Girl Guide during my teen age years.

Working from the Girl Guide badge book while comparing the requirements of these to those of the Brownie Guides ones ones there was a hook to hang something on. This hook went then to the HomeSchooling via correspondence and also the home duties any person needs done to survive. Basic skills such as cooking, gardening, cleaning and so forth.

Upon moving down out of the mountain regions to Churchill Girl Guiding remained in my life for the next twenty years. What a journey these years have been.

Having home-schooled the children the thinking was that every child could read. Not the case.

Not everyone could write either. Myself, well my level was a age seven to nine child as that was the age of the oldest home schooled child school work supplied.

Then computers entered my life. Infact giving away old computers from business and Government department had become a Guiding service to the community.

The writers and computers badges participation showed members how to get the most of a life skill. Families of these Guides were given the computers first. The families that went forward enjoyed the computers the most. Blogging what the members were doing,what to bring, events, activities and everything under the sun happening brought the awareness, connectivity, along with information. People saw the Guides make the most of a life skill. canoeing meant there was a need to be a competent swimmer. Life Saving basics a necessary requirement. Camping meant cooking skills, first aid,tenting or inside skills and even craft was based along these lines.

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Moving forward to make the most of a life skill already obtained.

Leadership meant working with a team, guiding your own and developing further skills within skill sets chosen.

Each skill set created, attempted, completed and gained competency within revolved around the hooking of one thing to another to make the most of a life skill set being learned.

While researching something totally different to write about I typed in “Most of a life skill” and came up with a wikipedia meaning that explained “psychosocial competencies.” Strangely these words were mentioned in the Rural Community Development course work completed years ago.

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Gaining competency in that course work lead me to want online education to improve and upskill “Learned allover the place” web, blogging and social sharing skills.Instead what was found was what was needed. A streamlined system that assisted me to find who I actually was. Release who I was. What dreams and ambitions were within me.

I’ve left you the links above. Read more about me through here.This way I know that the most of a life skill has been made.

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