Did you know that different countries have different requirements to be meet that distinguish what business fall into micro-business category [1]?  Did you know that small and medium-sized enterprises are referred to as SME’s.[2]  Did you know that without these micro-businesses many small businesses would collapse at the seams and not survive as they are riding on the backs of micro-business peoples frequently underpaid efforts?

Imagine if you were able to combine all the skills, talents, knowledge together.  Include the work and home time.  Plus work toward a lifestyle that up have the skills and desire to

scale up or down.  As per your own or families requirements. Note that it will not be an

Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
Having a micro-business is the like life is a Roller Coaster! Hold on tight and enjoy the experience.

easy ride to do so.  However, the depth of those end results may largely personify the things and energy you have put into the end result. Even if these results are not on the level you had desired the education and hands-on skill sets obtained have built a new basis

of knowledge to call upon at a future date.

In Australia, the micro-business fall into two areas.

Associated to a small business may consist of one owner. The small business itself may also be a Mico-business  that uses several satellite independent  Mico-business contractors.

That was how the subleasing of the Taxi business I was subleasing the car off from worked. Although the micro-business had my own Tax file number and BAS requirements as I only ‘leased’ from one small business, then I was subject to that business conditions, management styles and favoritism of drivers.  Looking back on those twelve years of my life the result was that I had a micro business that was worse than a J.O.B.  that brought me to the J.O.B. situation. Usually, just over broke was a daily happening

The other feeling of continually always in the near B.R.O.K.E. situation was a not a really great stress situation either Over time working through this BROKE situation there were many times where it worked out for sixteen hours may be I banked directly only a minimal amount.  Other times I would travel to Melbourne Airport three times there and back.  Needless to say those shifts were very tiring.  So If the shift continued the other driver was able to have all the driving while I literally slept the day away.

There are other home based micro-businesses. 

Craft creation, growing produce, making foods and preserves and so many other things are

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. Worth their weight in Gold Dust too.

micro-businesses.  Even service industries such as party and games activities and times.

Where some micro-businesses are static others travel around.  Moving out of the home for weekend sales at markets or festivals.  Still others follow circuits such as the blues circuits or the Agricultural and Pastral shows on a calendar year.

With enough time, management, commitment and just integrative push into the internet the Return On Investment sure outweighs the real life forms of micro-business enterprises that I have experienced over the last thirty years.

You will have been aware that many business fall into micro-business category.

Keep on with that smile for a long while


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
As a person who enjoys knowing the journey is here and now as I’m taking this micro business to it fullest extent.


 Have a terrific day


1  Australian Bureau of Statistics

2 Entrepreneurship snd small business – Micheal Shaper and Thierry Volery.