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Looking back using traditional forms of media to organise events was harder work than ever imagined. There was always someone who came between what the message was and the after effect  that was obtained. Take running adds for instance.  The space was not available as someone bigger had taken the space.

Gidday I am Susan Lewis. Having over twenty years supporting different communities was  a part of my life. Hard work and solid effort drove  the process forward. Over that time utilizing online media to organise events has come through.  A whole different set of skills needed to be learn.

Make-mistakes-3d-tv-a Media to organise eventsUsing social media to organise events to so many people is like adding failure full stops. Take Thomas Edison’s famous quote about inventing 7,000 plus ways of creating a light bulb moment.

See people just using social media to organize events

Venturing into organizing any event these days and all around there will be people using social media to organize events.  Just how effective and efficiently these ‘birthday celebrations’ are being organised is not for you to totally take on.  In effect the job you have been allotted is to create a communication network via the social media side of thing.

There are three parts to consider.  The other organizers, the suppliers and the guest list.  Of which all have been sorted before you got this job!. Okay maybe not quite. You have an idea of who is organizing thing, what suppliers have been approached and of course who is being invited to come…. and they have not replied yet.

Knowing how to use the social media to organise events

Break though to find the success needed is to create avenues including media to organise events.  The initial driver behind the  success is to use the social media to organise event comes from the passion you have behind the event. 

The  best of social medias ability relies on what happens behind the scenes. Having the resources available now online are available . 

actionp Media to organise events

I’ve been there. The loneliness compared to the frustrations felt finding the people who had the answers, were prepared to move connect you to a curriculum that would move you forward, when you do the actions required.


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