Sue Lewis Mardi Gras

In this post Susan explores why wearing a mental uniform hepes the integration of further creativity to come through onto the things she is doing in her online  productivity.  With a little lateral thinking, shear gusto and a lot of creative thinking , upskilling, hard work, persistence and clicking away at the camera, the knowledge that she was not in a comfort zone fell away,  Task complete and everyone else went into the festival propper.

Going out into the Maffra community, glasses on and camera in hand was like wearing a uniform.  A mental uniform that enabled myself to have a way to engage and respond to people lining the road where the Maffra Mardi Gras was happening.

So I took photos at the Mardi Gras . From there used an online service to run these together and make a small video clip.

That action gave me the confidence to seriously shot videos for what turned out from October through to March. At a rate of one and a half a day. The thing is what do I now do with them all now. Most are on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion just to get them off my computer… onto CD or USB and also into the cloud.

Now there is further training in the ‘What do I do with them” in order to

    add to
    and utilize,
    trim down
    and see what can happen with this tool or that one.

That is when I have finished the new #micro-educational training
then the Elite training. Well I wanted the knowledge and this sure is throwing it at me! Kind like a starving book worm in the old fashioned library!!

    Catch up on the video and actually even right posts,
    spread the videos around.
    and respond to emails
    while making autoresponder messages.

The dream was to create a footprint that would become part of the tag team agency.

 To truly get the hang of your own dream I found I needed help.  To reach out to people I could trust.  Who were more than willing to show me what to do, or to let me know of a training available they had attended.

That community seen had been developed and they were now assisting me to sort out the bigger picture.  Helping to turn the smaller steps like being in a crowd behind the camera.  The realisation that with the camera came security.  It takes a few tries before the actions were right and feeling comfortable. That’s because there was a lot of external things to comprehend.  Other integrating bits to deal with as the growing capabilities became a labour of love.

The changers came through with the “I have done this [part] already” recognition.  Once all the parts came together things and approaches to those things that need action changed.


sue-150-x-150 Mardi Gras Photos
Susan Lewis

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