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That’s just one little difference from the “want versus need.”

Should you have come to this post looking for a speck of understanding from the Autistic person point of view just remember, the sensory perceptions are what needs to be got through first.  Especially when changes are needed and there is a need to work smarter with any time management and incremental  financial constraints

Once the trust is there, then there is room for other things to be gone through, sorted out and dealt with.  

Please remember this is only my point of view.  Others on the Spectrum may react differently.

Annoying though it was there was something in the emails that was calling to me.  All ten thousand of the emails had to be searched!  You see in 2014 an invitation to join the  an online community come through.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV little autistic difference
Welcome to this ever-increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

At that point in time being alone was safety.  Knowing you can be alone in a community of people that was safely within itself.  However, there were, and still are so many things to learn, action and implement.  Members of this community became aware the struggle was different than most.  Once this was explained and how to deal with what could have damaged the most.

There was already  support, encouragement, respect for differing points of view  – especially when the frustrations of others have begun to ‘acrew.’

One little autistic difference

The attitude was ‘give me something to take apart. There was a need to ‘clean’.  while I learn something new.The OCD was driving me nuts.

Oh well, the tools and apps were introduced.  The fascination of the GraphixCreator for the visual things, the 90-day video challenge, even the writing of these posts.  The apps and tools for tracking, creating, and all things combined under one roof. Well, lets put is it this way support has earned its name.

Through the support received  the discovery of the new world within here had forums, discussions, networking, blogs and groups that soon became training, community and coaching.  Something to participate in.Organizing myself around these took patience.

Just one little autistic difference to discover.

The timetables have been sorted out with a little autistic difference in the approach.  Frustrations have lowered.  And where ever that app or tool has gone from my computer… I’ve worked out a way to connect the landing pages tracking codes without it for now. The training video from  weeks ago now has made sense!

Which is what this link is:

> Will this work for you?  <

Important opening in a new window

There is plenty of Educational Program hype out there, and most of those products are ridiculously expensive.
With so many options its  only natural to be skeptical about the results, and so we don’t promise  anything – instead we simply want to challenge you to do what Susan Lewis recommends to her fans and friends: try it for yourself!!

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 little autistic difference
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

For your convenience, we have provided the link to …… As of the time of writing this article they are offering Free Test Drives  of a really powerful online education. For an unknown time and in the shortest time frame possible. Use the banner below and you will get access to the video series.

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