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Using Social Media As A Number One Step.

That’s it people! Just using social media is a first step. Infact, social media promoters are responsible for the push behind the education platforms crashing through the traditional educational systems.

Susan_Lewis_001a-200x200 Just using Social Media
“Susan Lewis” of Susan Lewis Marketing

Join Susan who sheds light on the education topic as a whole. Traditional education and upskilling verses creative online education, upskilling, and training. Susan has experienced both and in both she needed to relearn how to learn.

The traditional adult education downgraded the communication efforts with little understanding nor time to understand the behind the scene needs.

Online education, training and upskilling relied on community support, and  challenges,  Self paced inquisitive exploration of associated topics. And endless hours of one on one when needed.

Susan’s unwavering belief is when people choose the right online and loving it education, training and upskilling available and apply what they have learned with encouragement wonderful things happen.  The results surpass the visualized outcomes. Stretching the boundaries and boarders further and further.

Just using social media was a beginning

In using social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as a bouncing board syndication was started. Start the process and see how it lets you start attracting the right people to your business. People who share in your values and need to become loyal customers find you. The idea is to communicate.

Look sharp as you step out of the pickle raining the hand and opening the mouth just placed you in.  Instead, rather than back thinking things through looking for a loophole to disappear through why not take a whole different approach to a situation.

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Just using Social Media

Rapidly expanding , ever changing, technology is everywhere. As a child in the 1960’s online meant drawing a chalk line on the concrete and standing on that line. Right into the eighties the child used to learn to hold a crayon and draw. Now that same age child knows how to unlock the phone, scan a picture, take a photo and so on. The virtual world is their way of learning, communicating and seeking information or items.

Be trained by the best when just using social media

Recognize just using social media as a tool is very one sided when shown how tos by family members.  When one party moves away having to wait for someone to fix things up is a pain [ so my eighty-two year old mother finds out now].  At odd hours to find I am a teacher who has no actual experience in the tool, let alone the buttons, use to be a big challenge. Now though the instructions are found within one of the six thousand courses available. Up to date, accessible at anytime 365/24/7 information is re-written out and sent to mum in dot-point format.

SusanLewisandLogo Just using Social MediaLife is a piece of cake when the going gets good.  Lets improve on it. Think things through different aspects looking for the positives. You will find them once they are recognizable.

Do you see the amazing times of relief just clicking through reputable up to date online courses gives. If you do not have access to these courses yet, don’t worry! In seeking that joyful life of freedom you can head over to the to the building a community page. Add the email, as soon  check through the resources there. Seeing right the way through  the videos and the modules is thoroughly worth while .

Please remember to share this story with friends and family members. Especially the ones who’s older relatives call up in the early hours wanting instructions! And now mum can carry on just using social media to catch up with the rest of the family members.



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