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Did You Know That It Only Takes One Person To Make A Difference In Your Life – Be the Change Your Wanted

Behaviors can influence emotion.  Your emotion.  Since it takes one person to make a difference in your life and tip the balance between opening the world around you up or living in a tight virtual space.

Be that person who positively brings in the change because you are redirecting the focus of your life . Even if using tools such as mantras,  meta-stories and shear determination.  Be true to yourself. Follow your heart.  Be there for family, friends and people online lost and needing a hand.

Imagine what would happen it a group of those ‘One person’s’ met online and in real life.  That suddenly you found that you too were included into being thought of as an inspiration to other peoples lives!

It has been months since I last published a video.

Yet there is an acknowledgement and a thank you to be made. How to achieve this was a thought. And then I spied the camera.

One never knows where the words, looks or actions take another person. This, my friends, is what had lead to the video being here.

Take heart with technology there is never a time within this SFM community that anyone of

us has not the ability to reach out for help. Yip. Annoy someone if needs be!

But the thing to remember is what you give out you will reward.

And it truly only takes one person to make a difference in your life. “Strangely, i is often left to those of us who are challenged in some way to be more tolerant of those who aren’t” is quote that I came across this morning. Initially, the thought was yes this is true. In a way it is. The flip side of an inevitable ‘disability’ is often an empathy for others who have similar, but the same … and yet vastly different invisible disability.

One of mine is grammar and spelling. This, in it’s own way, was one step along the way that lead to an underconfidence in writing. Another was the English teacher who did not

the-biggest-problem-with-dyslexia-is-self-perception It only takes one person to make a difference in your life and that person is YOU!
Constantly being in the perception deficit is a way of life you struggle to climb through and out of. Not assisted with idea and creative writing theft from a 1973 English teacher.

mark my fiction story. Lost it in fact in 1973. Okay, then why was her name as the author of a workplace safety video in the 1990’s and again in the 1980’s? I sat through this wondering why I knew the end result,  And then every time after at workplace safety inductions I felt physically sickened.  Yes, it only takes one person to make a difference in your life. And that person is You!

These little things hit hard on people’s subconscious. Quietly absorbed and then they lie in wait for some unknown future possible thought that theses negatives may gang up on and rip to shreds.
These are what have been laid to rest today. For that, I have so much gratitude that the video has been made.
Thank you to all and every one of you who have helped with transitional changes. Barricaded wall and foundations underpinned… yes I am stubborn too! Came through and demolished resistance, forced thoughts and thread on my toes.
You see you may not know the freedom that each person adds to another life. Usually, cause you are not there to see their quiet resolves get in place. Maybe it has nothing of interest, yet everything, to do with what is happening today in anyone else’s lives but there.

What spinoff occurs if It only takes one person to make a difference in your life

Example… I am looking forward to summer here. Why? I aim to go white water rafting

divercatchingarockcrabcsiro It only takes one person to make a difference in your life and that person is YOU!
Okay well maybe not scuba diving just yet! White water rafting is on the agenda though.

somewhere. That was this morning’s decision so back to swimming I go! Starting early tomorrow. Last year before December the swim was 2.5 km on a near daily basis. However, there was a lower leg injury when flying off a pushbike and landing in a gutter ditch. And to go white water rafting I do not need that distance.

I do need the confidence of being in water. So just for tomorrow at 8am he life-guards at the local will be there walking beside me.
What has this got to do with people saying “well done, Susan!”
It only takes one person to make a difference in your life and that person is YOU!

Since you know that one person to make a difference in yu life is yours when you know who you are there are ten things that make that difference in your life:

Be true to yourself.
Follow your heart.
Be there for your friend.
Be a loving person – You will get back more than you ever thought possible
Do more acts of kindness
Live mindfully [ in the present moment]
Don’t judge yourself – just enjoy being yourself
Celebrate what you have and be grateful for it
Give more than you take
Don’t expect to be given back anything

But when you want to make a difference in someone else’s life what is done with the the above list spreads into your relationships with family and close friends.

Further than this are the business clientele.

Either way when you want to make a difference in that someones life, there are special ways of doing this. First though start to understand what someone is actually awesome. And why that person is special and really matters.

You think about it and there is always the comment section below.



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 Have a terrifically uplifting day