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Make a headline a ‘softly strong, determined’ one.  Be bold and use that determined beautiful strength upfront and in the open as it empowers women to stand up and be counted.

roll It Empowers Women

Susan_Lewis_001a It Empowers WomenEngland has a gif that shows the responsibility of accepting the word ‘NO’. Subtly comical and based on a ‘cuppa tea’. The way the advert is created offends no one yet states what is accepted and what will not be accepted.  Aimed at all people it empowers women, men, and children.

With this inter-generational film of two women.  One older , more traditional in dress and class systems.  A determined business owner trapped in the cycle of what people think they think and want. One who in stepping out and away from the ‘proverbial acceptable behaviour line with the right mindset aims to develop her own future.

alife-of-your-own-making-400x300 It Empowers Women
With a life of your own making … it empowers women, men, families, and communities to move forward.

Whereas the younger obviously pregnant, business minded woman is ready to greet the world.  Run her business and  have time for her family.  The way the video runs seeing the upwardly mobile woman not get bitter, frazzled or stressed knowing she is doing right for her child, her clients and herself these encompass many of the wider family values of today’s working from home world.  Even as it is it empowers women to step into their future, not leaving behind broken pasts and connections.

Room is left to engage gracefully within the older lady’s circle.  As often happens when questions such as ” where is ” start to come the younger lady will be accepted as her protegee.

A  step further in integrating today’s technology is to engage the ‘Internet of Things’ in the archetypal business.  The tracking of documents between client and the firm.  Keeping updates and brainstorming boards. Pinboards.  Even greeting cards, calendars, and letterheads. And of course the webpage and blog posts.   The more accessible today’s business people are the greater

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 It Empowers Women
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing empowers women!

capacity to reach out, move forward and keep in touch with both information, trends and potential clients.


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