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If your boss came today believing

What would happen if your boss came along tomorrow and insisted you did something you know is not only against the law, But should you do this thing then that boss will simply say “I Know Nothin.”

Happens so often and in many different  scenarios.

Drivers  driving taxi cabs the cab for hours on end until the driver  considered it unsafe and gives up a shift to sleep..Suddenly finds there was no work for over three weeks. Loss of  income hurts financially. The driver begins to  despise themselves for being in that hand to mouth begging situation. painful situation to be in.

Look at other professions an traditional training and education systems. A new be in the country being s retraining in a different  nursing system. Arriving in an accredited Aged care facility and not having enough gloves, having to halve blues just to save money. What dies this person do? Accept the lower standard or leave the training owning a large debt. These unacceptable and continually growing  lists go on growing. Speaking out cost the nursing retraining.

Somewhere in all these hours was motherhood.

Again the writing was on the wall. To fix the situation the taxis were again driven.

Now if your boss came and banged on the bedroom window in the middle of the night you having just got to sleep after an eighteen hour shift….

Once again the writing was on the wall. So I fixed the situation as speaking out. Repetitive superior behaviour  did not stop there. Instead the Autism Spectrum behaviour mode of action flared up into a full uproar. How dare people do this not only their contracted workers. But to endanger the clients and other  people who are in a situation of trust that was intollerable.

Narcissism wants you to be effective and efficient while abiding to your sense of rights and ethics. Go against it and the stress and anxiety from hiding from it begins to eat away inside. Placing you at “dis-ease” with yourself. Then the rest of the Autism traits take over. Now an overwhelming  meltdown occurs and six months later finally you become ‘awake’. It’s up to you now to close the gap.

Reward yourself with a life if your own making! The question still stands. Have you hunted for a life of your own making ?

More over are you living that life? Starting form the moment you wake up until you retire and finally fall asleep at night!

Equality with freedom to move. Breath in the fresh air. Maximise the extended hours within your day. Gain more choices that you are even aware of.

Be brave enough to start, carry on through til today’s to-do list is completed. Finally to complete each day with a smile. A feeling of gratitude and a hunger for tomorrow.

Be fearless in the hunt for your dream. Take that dream by the horns . Shake it for all it’s worth to you.

Old fashioned forfullment means action starts today. Know your action now. Reaching for a sense of accumplishment each day.

If one day at a time is your way then hurry up and come out to play. That means getting out there with friends and family and enjoying what you are doing on your own terms with your life.

SusanLewisandLogo if your boss cameHere at Susan Lewis Marketing, we love sharing blog posts that put that smile on your face: We hope you enjoy reading this blog post as we did writing it.

If your old boss came back today to your front door – tell us what you think in the comments section below after feeling the gratitude for escaping that environment.