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Faces wear a mask, where daily attitudes are hidden. Or in peoples facial features are transparently seen.

Where some have a burning desire straight away, others have a spark that becomes a white hot ember. That ember might just glow quietly for a while but disturb it and the effect is catastrophic.

In this post Susan Lewis is using three analogies to show the effect on a ‘burning desire’ that attitude has.

Mining opens up the hidden or in peoples faces attitudes.

Susan_Lewis_001a What is hidden or in peoples faces
The ‘burning desire’ attitude has is sometimes hidden well

The first analogy is of two diamond miners. Miners know that there is the mother load just behind the next pick going through the hard rock below.

They both know the Diamond mine is there. The attitude behind the belief is what counts. One simply stops just before the next pick swing that goes through the remaining rock …that when broken those diamonds spill forth.

Real Miners know when that mother load is so tangible as they feel the the difference through each swing, hit and dislodge of that pick.

In reality these barefaced miners have  become so fine tuned the untra-sonic sound waves radiating out from the tools used. The look sight and sounds have a different feel, a different energy level picked up within the unseen ‘hearing’ receptors. Like the intune hunter lining up the unsuspecting prey.

Is there a choice to now be hidden or in people’s faces?

The second analogy is that Australia is a country of fires. Plant seeds need to be heated to interable heats in order to burst the knearls of. And the seeds spill forth. The trees are constantly amazing as, if left, they cover themselves with a ‘sleeping bag’ of new growth. The fires that rage burn deep into the soil to up to three meters deep.

Yes wildlife are damaged . Massive livestock loss occurs. This is the way of replenishing the landscapes.

Farmers may go onwards, or simply disappear. When farmers go the land turns back into the trees the generations of farming have removed. The animals come back into their home ground.

This is the effect from the quiet one glowing ember.

The-sumofyourattitude What is hidden or in peoples facesHere a true farmer has already made the choice to continue. The true  farmer has a job to do. Before the ember hit, the attitude was already cemented into place. Stock to work with was reduced, while more is on its way for the farmers care. Sure there is shock set in. Wrestle with it. Get over it. Move forward. Always forward.

You see there is always regrowth. Friends around prepared to help. They know that within the farmer is a resilience and that resilience sprouts forward like the sleeping bag around the tree stark charoled tree stumps.

Hard_Choices What is hidden or in peoples faces

change with intent behind the pick.

Whats is hidden or in people’s faces is up to you.

Know that  your dream outcome is either hidden or in people’s faces. The attitude behind what your dream is about sets the pace forward. Show me which of these three people you are. Person One. Person two or Person three.

SusanLewisandLogo What is hidden or in peoples facesThe biggest thing that this community that I invite you to come forward and be within, has done is show me three things.

The first is to dream big. Know the color, feel, the weight and energy of the end result.

The second is that like the farmer and the diamond miner you too are an action taker.

The third is the 2 golden rules. 1)Never ever give up. 2) Refer rule 1

Know with these hidden or in peoples knowledge factors you are welcome to this community.

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