Transform your reality into something

that really suits  


The essential person you are. That is right.


Who YOU are!
Go and look at the changing your reality The reality of who you are may take a long .  They don’t offer a miracle.  What they offer  is a free Bootcamp where YOU go and work out your “self”.

This that come by your way once in a lifetime do not usually come back within arms reach. By the time you recognise what just went by you may hope against hope that that same thing will come by again when you are ready for it………. in a perfect world that waiting period will happen. This is not a perfect world by any means.

Where else will you find you have the opportunity to work out… YOU at a cost you, and everyone else, can afford. A little of your Time. When Mark Ford first introduced me to this concept everything was new and shiny there. I waited…That’s what I did.

Then the world went mad

This was during a stage in my own life where my working world was going into a weird phase. Part of that reason was two people out of seven left suddenly. One passed away and the other had a heart attack. Night-shift work for over fourteen to sixteen hours on call does that to you! I left when I realised that my life was next.Not dramatic at all when you know the circumstances.

By now I was now emotionally Bankrupt.  So low that when I came across it  the second time [ thankfully] I didn’t have a dream.

Now there is a  dream.

Five years from that initial contact I now have a dream. I have a focus. Involves working

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea-300x400 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

towards helping you. Four months after working out my dream I am now going back to what was a hobby of mine. Blogging. A hobby developed out of the necessity to communicate with members within a Not-for-profit-organisation. Neither of these as hobbies pay the bills. They have however given me prior learning skills. Okay and some defensive attitudes developed along the way.

Take the plunge with the BootCamp.

BootCamp was a ticket I needed to grab hold of the survival rope reading “need to Survive.. grab here!” The message was just dangling there every so often in my email box. And again I nearly missed it when I was going to cheat and just hit “Clear All” from the incoming email message box!

Alright I’ll catch you Around.


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