Yes, Google has a new logo. At a massive turning point within the Google companies history, the new logo has been unveiled  September 2015.  One month after the company had major restructuring.  Google is now owned by Alphabet.  Alphabet, a holding company, created by Sergey Brin and Larry page.  The ones who are the creators for the Lego construction that encased the original computer of the Google all those years ago.

Some may say the logo is slightly toned down one.   So similar to the last that has just past.The four standard colors have had a revamp. The similar shades of the Blue, red, gold and green  Lego blocks, well these are here and still seen.  The new one take you back to the drawing board.  The gif shows the chalk and a wayward thought.

Google-has-a-new-logo-folks-1591a Google has a new logo we still identify with and trust
Today Googles new logo appeared and this ditty is what was written then shared.

Revise the Logo to be more aligned with the readability and scalability of the mobile digital world that we live within today.  Different devices with tap, type or even talk inputs something had to become easier for the behind the scene things to read from the gadgets to the little old Personal Computer.

When something happens and an opening occurs why ask what and why, just go with the flow you are creating.  Pictures with quotes within are often shared, liked and commented on.

On the other hand building a reputation of trust comes from many people recognising your work. Googles work behind the scenes would have started many years before.  Companies and big corporations know this.  Therefore there is a teaching of the people.  Starting from the most loyal members and the general people. Basically utilizing the people agreeable within the core of the change to reach out into the wider community.  There are people with loose connections to the brand and these people are the ones to bring into the fold.  Once they own that idea then their influence touch others. Gradually the hard core resistances either leave or crumple.  Change has occurred.  Passive advertising works slowly with brand recognition and identification.

Okay so Google has a new logo we still identify with and trust.  How does this affect the sales funnel? Then how can this be made to work building the trust for your message.  The simple fact is people rally around a commonality.  A flag. A logo. A color scheme. A marketing message. All represent a brand.  And the brand is represented within the users satisfaction and loyalty levels.

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When that brand has a strongly united community then the support would more likely be greatly supportive. Look at how the children in past generations have brought through the dreams of the ones who saw the things that needed to change, influenced the youngest grandchildren and simply brought those changes through with patience.

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