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Gluts Of Fruit And Vegetables Later – Gluts Of Fruit And Vegetables Later Season Come. Seasons Go That Bring Gluts Of Fruit And VegetablesLater Heralding The Mad ‘time pressed’ season’s Yearly ArrivalI Make Jams and Chutneys time “from the garden to kitchen”process. 

Gluts of fruit and vegetables later each new season heralds in the Mad ‘time pressed’ season. Season’s come and seasons go where each, and every year, there are gluts of fruit and vegetable produce. What do people do with the excess when you have the time and ability to make jams and chutneys? When the families kitchens are full, friends have enough the spares to fill the orders were taken to work.

In this post Susan Lewis speaks from experiences of home grown foods and home based cooking for families.  While traveling the markets in Victoria Susan was surprised at how far advanced the ‘picking, producing, presentation, to the packing ‘ the products was. And off to market the people went.   Later in the post the mention of one side of marketing these products  was missing.  Just as it was in the early physical product marketing that Susa was introduced to in 1987. Note that family special traditions, and practices, have been excluded as each family has different tastes.

That is what happened in the 1990’s while working. Then the next year as the time for jams and chutneys rolled around there was ‘the’ friendly reminder of “When are you going to bring…!” That is when the realization that there was something in this “from the garden to kitchen cooking process. That people wanted and

Untitled-400x300 Gluts Of Fruit And Vegetables
Capsicums for the chutneys Cowwarr Country Kitchen may have in their recipe

appreciated homegrown, cooked and preserved tastes. Then from the cooking pot to shelves. Just whose shelves were the question.

Now at the fully functioning  Cowwarr Country Kitchen, massive amounts of fruits and vegetables are harvested or brought in enabling the stacks of jars to be filled with delicious freshly prepared jams and chutneys.  And the produce does not stop there.

Moving on we now have more coming every market

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners-400x375 Gluts Of Fruit And Vegetables
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. Worth their weight in Gold Dust too.

Moving into the house on the corner, the opportunity to grow what was needed while looking for something this couple could do with their time. Continuing to make the homegrown foods and produce were blossoming into a definite possibility. Since 2001 “Cowwarr Country Kitchens ” has been registered with the Wellington Shire Council.

Being registered was another starting point in the life of taking the produce out from the cooking pot and onto the every growing market. Although by choice the local markets near Cowwarr are the ones that you will find what you are looking for.

As the markets become busier heading through into a spring to autumn season so too will the knowledge of this quiet little corner stall in the Heyfield market.

What to do with the gluts of fruit and vegetables

How to handle gluts of fruit and vegetables has many people checking ut wide ranges of projects. From preserving and storing crops right through to delicious recipes such as stewed apple freezes where the apple surplus is pressed and the juice is frozen. Fruity butters or encased within cheeses the sweet preserves are easy to make.

And the Cowwarr Country Kitchen based in the Wellington Shire of Victoria, Australia just keeps producing those terrific, real Australian traditional homestyle fruit and vegetable jams and chutneys.

Occasionally there are complaints rife about of these “gluts of fruits and vegetables being as monumental as the ones about ” Crops not worth gathering. ” Really it all depends on your perspective. Knowing that fruit and vegetable ‘gluts’ are followed through with scarcity.complicates matters even more.  On practice that’s like having empty shelves where the bottles would be and spending hours back in the kitchen  Or having way too much-unsold product being constantly handled  and shifted to and from the market still. In the rain, heat and wind.   While you tend to customers that move in. I’ve been in various similar situations.

The word for this was ‘expeditor.’ “You are an expeditor” a customer once stated and I set up the balloons stall  at 4am in the morning.  Running late as the baby needed feeding before I could do anything further. Knowing I’ve been in various similar situations.  Highlights and fun times while being tied down to a table sized area and a table in front of you rather restricts your view.

What was found that although being an expeditor was fun there were the not so fun times gradually taking hold. Another windy day, rain was falling. No crowds, Too many crowds all going on their way.  These seasonal changes would hold us back as the system of emails had not been very strong.  Monthly newsletter were printed and posted out.

You know there was an easier way to bring in the returns.  People like us just needed to figure out constructive ways to move forward.  And all the excuses under the sun just does not do that.

Pre-order system for the gluts of fruit and vegetables

Arrive emailing!   Just as we as a family had a truck come through the van I was driving emailing had arrived.  Business wanted to keep in contact [ and spy on their competitors]  Now instead of a physical catalog the email caterlog began to arrive in post boxes.

People have the option to add their email detail s with their pre-orders.  Come along, tap the card to the phone in a pick up and pay, or arrange the online prepayment system.  Either way how many marketers know that when people arrive they go home with extras from your market stall.   Actions that put marketers one step further up in the split / days takings.

Since many markets, shows and festivals as for a percentage of the days takings everything is able to be printed out,  Pre-orders for today’s sales.

To locate the education designer that was able to help get businesses up and running  the searching went into overdrive.  This is whatwas located.  The experiences have paid dividends.

Take the free 30 day test drive into a different way of moving your marketing forward.

Click the banner below and use your own due diligence as you

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Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

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