Challenged with finding the free creative time with GraphixCreator?

As you may have read most of my ‘free’ creative time was spent seeing if the GraphixCreator would connect with the YourTubePlayer.  Two things are having trouble.  Firstly something went haywire with the magnifications and secondly once that was sorted out could I encourage the video to play after fiddling with things.  Well, today I am having another go with what was already had.  Think I came up with a possible solution to one and then will work on the other.  Here goes.
One computer picture.

Smile-As-You-Reach-For-The-Moon-400x80 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator

Next the moon and the stars.

MMMM forgot to play the ‘thing’…. will come back to this later.  Live and learn and keep doing both….. or the frustration of not working within the restrictions and limitations could sink you.  The thing is looking how far things could merge that I never even knew about.  Even the fact that having figured out what part of the HTML was needing to be altered then doing just that is a major leap forward for myself.  Once I just started, I began to realise that one thing blocking me going up the slippery slope was a fear of the computer.  In my head, I still see the very first computer in a home.  Black screen and green line font blinking at me down a friend’s hallway.  That was in 1993.   A few weeks after another friend took me to a Pentecostal church.  One man got up and waved a piece of Bankcard sized cardboard around yelling ” Purgatory”… the way the there is this.  Many he is right.  There were just so something that was forgotten to be spoken about.  Forty-years later her I am overcoming in tiny increments that fear.More so with High Functioning Autistics apparently – the mind grabs hold of stray sentences like a life line and hangs into the with dear life.  Dislodging the life buoy from the hands once safety is reached is a tedious progress as the HFA needs to be one hundred and ninety-nine percent over sure the “IT”  – whatever that trigger point was- will not affect them the same way.

Free the creative flow
Spent the night working something out as I slept apparently. Now lets see what happens to the outcome when I slide in a sub-step.

Okay, I feel better than great. Now is nor quit the time to complete the other two. Taking this dog for a walk will wait a while  [ its still dark out there.

What a terrific day before me. …………..There are a few videos that I want to update so while I wait for assistance the maintenance of the post and the plastering my incremental achievements all over the web instead.

Those hours yesterday. The pondering for weeks with what ifs and maybe if I do that’s has just paid off in other ways.

P.S.  Just wondering.  Yesterday I was writing a post on data overloads within the internet. This post included the word and base description of an interface,  Which the YourTubePlayer requires to be enabling the YouTube hosted video to show through….. that is to work with.

I am now wondering if a picture from the GraphixCreator – and any other system as I used another today] is considered data?  I am thinking that since a video is made of so many ‘pictures in rapid session flicking past” then a picture is not seen through… Thus the two will not work successfully at this present moment in time.  Wallpapers, though -are they a different form of a picture.  Not sure how or why.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Think I will send a request into the Feedback section of the Digital Business Lounge and request wallpapers or such to be added as well.

Will keep you informed .  Especially as you start to follow as I am…