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End Each Day With A Sense – To End Each Day With A Sense Of Total Fulfillment  Life Would Be Ideal With Each Day An Adventure

To end each day with a sense of near total fulfillment creates such a realization of fulfillment  the days following look hungry for more of the same energy. Life would be ideal. Each day a new sense of adventure.

Sure is with a family that is rapidly wondering where the magical book  full of every trick to behaviour management techniques for autism.  No matter how old that person is living within the Autism Spectrum the tendency is to rewrite that behaviour fictitious management techniques book every day, in every way

In this post Susan uses a couple of things observed with Autism Children that had a profound influence on each child differently.

To end each day with a sense of wonder.

2goldenrulestolife End Each Day With A SenseAs the children grew older by the time we got home from marketing at the markets we’ld  end each day with a sense how did we get through today.  Often a relief of we all got home.  No extra toys, pets or parts came home with us.

The wonder of having children underfoot while closing the sales endurable.  As fast as the coins came in the requests for ‘something’ arrived. Having taught the children early the value of money coming in we’ld overlooked the balance of money needed to go out to pay bills.

That was until learning about the stocks and shares idea came about.  Once a week the Weekender newspaper was purchased.  Left open on the dining room table. Enquiring minds read then analysed the stocks bull and bear trends.

Notably two children saw the information in different ways.  One algebraic-visually. While the other geometric-visually. Sometimes these slight differences became barriers of communication.

The skills needed when working with other people meant that there were large areas between each person strongly ‘preferred’.

Now end each day with a sense relief.

Once the family were off the market rounds and into a different way of life to end each day with a sense of achievement was paramount.

As adults the development of the skills needed when working with physical products, their care , records of sales compared to what was not there by the end of the day made us careful of stock.  There was still a need to reach customers and build trust.  Yet we had to pack up and move on.  Back next month.

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy End Each Day With A Sense
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

Pen, paper, stamps and envelopes later….We were worn out. As a family we needed to  know how to support and teach children on the Autism Spectrum.  But simply we did not know the ’embarrassing” behaviour even had a name

Then came computers.  Emails, and lists, where specials could be advised about would have made marketing so much easier. Finding out information was such a sense of relief.

To end each day with a sense of knowing.

Consider involving others to get things done and also to end each day with a sense achievement.  Now days to reach customers and build revenue seek out the options that provide the tools, support and community to back the claims up. The one I found has the hosting ability for your agency to build out and expand from. All the while cheer on your achievements and successes.

Develop your own e-commerce and promotion of you own web-design or other home based business. These facilities are especially helpful when the families  of people on the Autism Spectrum are needing to think of future care of these loved ones.

Create a company that understands and accommodates your own autistic needs, that of family members autistic needs, while you aim high, but not for perfection, within your family. No matter what the age each person has the ability to add impact.  Right now my eighty-two year old mum  has left watching one of the how-too videos in the back office and is preparing dinner for everyone, friends and family, here.

Although now there is an evening when she is staying at one of these friends and tutoring their son.  That friends  family [ and mum] claim it’s respite from me!

So its not only the younger ones that need a small family business to enjoy being a productive team member of.  It’s the ability to include everyone.

Find time to either enroll and attend the traditional education places where the small business course online topics like ecommerce web design.  Better yet check into the video series that puts you in touch with your own marketing journeytapforresources End Each Day With A SenseWhen your small home based business uses a simple digital business system, where community minded people just like you, are using all the integrated tool sets to move forwards things really start moving.  [Although I would keep an eye on the cooks in the family]

End each day with a sense that along with each member… all of you are taking their families with them as they all work towards a life of freedom.

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